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Emotional Well-Being

Emotional Well-Being NES Health Resources

I have been so impressed with the physical and emotional health benefits of filling my mind with the positive statements recommended in each of my NES Health Scans.  It really is a game-changer.  Whatever the mind thinks, is true reality as far as the chemical reactions in the body are concerned.  

Cerebral Medulla from Body Mind Screen of my Recent Scan

Clicking on"Profound Loss" in Cerebral Medulla Screen

On the right side you can read more about the root of energetic blockages from "Profound Loss".  A past emotional shock, conflict or traumatic event involving loss of something with a deep personal connection. This may be a child, partner, parent, friend or pet. It could include loss of an ability such as being able to conceive, walk or losing a part of the body through a trauma including operation.

Affirmation included for "Profound Loss": I release all past losses and I feel free to create a new, fresh and vital life.

You can see an example of all of the wonderful information included in your NES Health Body Field Scan by clicking here.
NES Health Body Field Scans teach us much about the body, mind, and emotions related to each organ system in the body. 

Information includes the related emotions, related organ/acupuncture meridian systems, and positive affirmations to help change the mindset for better well-being and health.