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  • Turn Back Time

    Increase Energy,  Calm Stress, Harmonize Emotions

  • NES Health

    Body Field Scans

    Bioenergetics, The Transformation of Energy in Living Organisms

    Improve the Master Control of Biochemical Processes

  • Infoceuticals & MiHealth


    Infoceutical Drops

    MiHealth Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and Microcurrent Therapy

    Give Your Body Energy and Information on a Bioenergetic Level


For any questions about NES Health scans, the MiHealth Electromagnetic Field device and Infoceuticals, please use the contact form below or  call Joy at 810-790-4405.

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I would be happy to speak with you on the phone and answer your questions at 810-790-4405.

Thank you,
Joy Kortas
NES Health Bioenergetic Practitioner

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