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The Science Behind Infoceuticals

 The Science Behind NES Health Infoceutical Drops 

NES Health CEO, Harry Massey: Infoceuticals

Professor Pollard: Structured Water in the Body   

Part 1

Part 2

NES Health "Feel Good" Infoceutical Videos

Feel Good Infoceuticals Introductory Video with Harry Massey and Cyril Bourke

Chill Infoceutical

Cold Flu Immunity Infoceutical

EMF Infoceutical

Emotional Stress Relief (ESR) Infoceutical

Fat Met Infoceutical

Heart Driver Infoceutical

Heart Imprinter Infoceutical

Love Infoceutical

Muscle Driver Infoceutical

Nerve Driver Infoceutical

Peace Infoceutical

Polarity Infoceutical

Rejuvenation Infoceutical

Sleep Infoceutical

Source Infoceutical

NES Health "Feel Good" Infoceuticals

NES Health Infoceuticals

Simple Depression Relief with NES Health ESR Drops

Energetic Support for Depression and Anxiety Relief

Do you know someone who is feeling down or anxious? 

NES Health Infoceuticals

NES Health Emotional Stress Release (ESR) 

Infoceutical Drops to the Rescue

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Last night I shared my Emotional Stress Release (ESR) Infoceutical drops with a teenage client suffering from depression.  

Feeling Better

Wow, what a difference today. According to this client's mother, "Today my teenager was in a much better mood and even animated making silly noises at the dinner table this evening.  I know that sounds funny but I think if my teen was a singer that I would have heard some notes come out. This person has been so solemn and quiet it was a startling difference.  I thought all the quiet and seriousness was a personality thing but now I am thinking it very well may have been related to stress and all its effects on this person's way of thinking.

What a simple way to bring a feeling of uplift and relief from depression!"

ESR drops are NES Health "Feel Good" Infoceuticals

The ESR drops are part of the NES Health "Feel Good" Infoceuticals so they are available to purchase without having an NES Health Body Field Scan.  


For the general relief of fatigue associated with colds and flu. 
Supporting the Lung and Large intestine meridian.


The catalyst for chemical & energetic activities in the body, 
Nothing can work without it
Accumulates in the body cavities
Directly energizes all other drivers 
Assists in Depletion due to
Chronic illness
Mental exhaustion
Poor breathing
Toxic exposure
Damage from bacteria, viruses, and fungus


Episodes of stress
Physical exercise
Excessive mental exercise
Stressful situations
Too stressed to eat
Some stress headaches
Temporary stress 
This is neither a chemical sedative nor stimulant.


Radiation from Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) that can interfere with the HBF, causing the HBF to over energize This can result in:
Poor concentration
Heart palpitations
Variations in blood pressure, high and low
Immunity depletion - colds and flus may appear after traveling by air


Fat metabolism
Problems with weight
Facilitates the use of fats by the body
Normalizing liver function
Normalizing some hormonal activity
Detoxing nervous system
Regulating appetite function – with comfort eating
NOT an appetite suppressor


The heart and its driver field are associated with the heart's physical muscular pumping action and the creation of complex double sound waves. There is also a strong emotional content to the heart field. 
The heart driver field is associated with decision-making processes, identity, clarity, self-confidence, and mental integration. When damaged, self-esteem can drop to low levels.


Tends to engender positive emotions, emotionally uplifts and facilitates charisma.
The Imprinter Driver field is generated by the process of imprinting nervous system information into the blood via the heart.


When we speak of love, we don’t mean the Hollywood interpretation of love as seen in the movies! What we mean is unity. 
When love is in balance, you are in a state of true and unconditional love, and you do what is right for everyone involved. This includes yourself! 


Social abilities, attractiveness, and charisma are enhanced by an unhindered endocrine function. 
This energy is vital for correct endocrine function and male/Female performance is for personal charisma, attractiveness, confidence, willpower, social warmth and a general feeling of well-being.


Maintains nervous system integrity, health, and functions.
Designed to correct the balance of delta and alpha waves to promote a feeling of calmness and aid restful sleep.
Promotes the generation of the whole nervous system energetic field, which is required for correct nervous system function and neurological integrity, including maturation process of the Neuroblasts (embryonic nerve cells).


Promoting a calm mental state, mental clarity, and honesty with oneself. 
Helps transform memories so that they can be more harmonious and promote welling being. 
Particularly relates to messages heard that have caused disharmony/conflict. Harmonize conflicts between emotions and logical thinking.


Helps regulate natural rhythms of the brain
Promotes natural sleep 
Harmonizing/normalizing effect on the Human Body-Field (HBF)
This is not a sedative, not addictive, and does not stimulate hormones


Polarity issues make it difficult for the body to make positive health changes.
Emotional blocks, stress, electromagnetic disturbances, air travel, geopathic stress, toxins, and chronic illness can all create polarity issues. 
The Polarity (PL) Infoceutical also supports corrections for Big Field misalignments.


Regeneration of tissue damage
Muscle recovery
Muscle enzymes
Muscle tone
Muscle strain


Promotes balanced sleep cycles and the regulation of your body's natural rhythms. 
May have a harmonizing effect on the body's entire energetic system. 
Use 3-4 times throughout the day, with the last dose before bedtime to reset your sleep cycle.


Energetically give support to the aging of the brain and its lowered ability to produce enzymes and hormones as we grow older.  It may, therefore, have an effect on melatonin production in some people.  
Helpful to correct the energetic effects of radiation from the sun and other sources which are well-known causes of aging of the skin and body generally.  
Use for electrosensitivity, senility, mental confusion in older people, poor sleep due to melatonin deficiency, 
Use for degeneration of tissue, X-ray exposure (solar, medical), the skin of the face.

NES Health Scans and Emotional Mind Body Heart Wellness

 NES Health Emotional Immunity Scan Protocol

Sometimes to recover from deeper health challenges, it may be important to give more attention to resolving emotional issues – which can block efforts to restore correct energy and information flow – and on supporting the energetic side of healing the body’s tissues.

This approach is based on our theory of emotional immunity, and therefore only makes its Infoceutical recommendations from:

  1. BFA Big Field
  2. ED2 Heart Imprinter
  3. ED3 Cell
  4. ED4 Nerve
  5. ED6 Heart
  6. ED7 Lung
  7. EI4 Heart
  8. Mind-Body #1-#6: 

  • Brain Stem
  • Cerebral Medulla
  • Cerebellum
  • Cerebral Cortex
  • Emotional Stress Release
  • Liberator
  • Energetic Terrains (related to the emotional effect on the immune system) 

This protocol may be used any time we are ready to do this deeper work but is recommended only if the body-field shows many high priorities among the above Infoceuticals. If you select this protocol and don't primarily see purple and orange priorities, it's best to move back to one of the other protocol options.

The emotional immunity protocol is not a “better” protocol than the other protocols, so it is not something to use on every visit. It is an important tool for deeper work when needed, but should be cycled with the use of the Full Body-Field Protocol, which offers support for all areas of the field.