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  • Turn Back Time

    Increase Energy,  Calm Stress, Harmonize Emotions

  • NES Health

    Body Field Scans

    Bioenergetics, The Transformation of Energy in Living Organisms

    Improve the Master Control of Biochemical Processes

  • Infoceuticals & MiHealth


    Infoceutical Drops

    MiHealth Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and Microcurrent Therapy

    Give Your Body Energy and Information on a Bioenergetic Level

NES Health

NES Health Body Field Scan 

NES Health Scan (with online consultation): $89
After 2nd NES Health Scan (option to choose email consultation): $50

Email here to get your free NES Health Voice Scan in January 2023 

RedHealth HOLOS PEMF Wearable Device
$200 off HOLOS Plus use HOLIDAY200 at checkout 
(coupon expires January 26, 2023 @ 11:59 pm Mountain Time)

The HOLOS  scans every 21 days and automatically runs corrective programs  (not associated with NES Health)

NES Health Body Field Scans

Hand Scans can be done from home with the NES miHealth or  Scanner, or Voice Scans can easily be done with your computer or phone.  

Your Body Field is the master controller in the body.  Your NES Health Scan will show low energy and blockages interfering with the energy and information distribution in the body.  

NES Health Solutions

NES Health Infoceuticals and MiHealth PEMF  (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field/Microcurrent) Device increases energy where needed, releases blockages, and provides the body with energy and information for peak efficiency and function.  

Your scan includes access to the NES Health Portal and these free Self Health resources:

NES Health Products

                MiHealth PEMF/Microcurrent Device

            NES Health MiHealth Accessories