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Stress Relief


Stress Relief at Home Just for You

Each technique can be done for 5-20 minutes until you feel more relaxed or notice deeper breathing.

Technique A: Frontal Occipital Hold

1. Very gently hold your forehead (Frontal Lobe of the brain processes emotions)  

2. Also hold the base of your skull with your other hand (this part of the brain is associated with memory formation)

Technique B: Heart Meridian Pathway Crossover Technique

Calm and Balance Hormones

Energetic imbalance in the brain can cause anxiety.  Create balance by crossing limbs over the centerline of the body.  Energetically balances the brain (left and right) and the acupuncture meridian pathways (12 along the arms and legs and 2 that meet in the mouth area).

1. Cross 1 wrist over the other and 1 ankle over the other 

2. Clasp your hands together.  You can stop there or go to the next level with steps 3 and 4. 

3. Bring clasped hands down and between elbows towards your body to lay on your chest (the heart field). 

4. Relax, take deep breaths, and push on the roof of your mouth with your tongue.

3 & 4.

Technique C: Calm the Nervous System

Neurovascular Points 

Very gently hold each point for 1-3 minutes. Do the Midline Points first. 

 Then start with the point for the hour of the day you begin and do all 12 in order.  (see Time of Day List under visual below).

Time of Day List: Acupuncture Meridians/Organs

Start with the Corresponding Number for YOUR Current Time of Day

If you start holding the neurovascular points between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m., begin with the corresponding number (listed below) which in this case would be 4) Small Intestine then do 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,  go up to 1, 2 and end with 3 since you began at number 4.

(If you start at a different time of day, begin with the corresponding number for that time of day, do each point up to number 12 then, if needed, go up to number 1 and continue until you have held all of the points).

1)           7am - 9 am           Stomach  

2)           9am - 11am               Spleen

3)           11am - 1pm                 Heart

4)           1pm - 3pm    Small Intestine

5)           3pm - 5pm               Bladder

6)           5pm - 7pm                Kidney

7)           7pm - 9pm   Circulation/Sex

8)           9pm - 11pm   Triple Warmer

9)           11pm – 1am      Gallbladder

10)      1am - 3 am                   Liver

11)      3am - 5 am                   Lung

12) 5am - 7 am    Large Intestine

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