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NES miHealth Accessories

1 miHealth sleeve
Protective Cover
Sale $45 

miHealth USB
Mini-B Cable

miHealth Battery $54

Carbon Pads, cord and

pouch for miHealth $98


Battery Cover

NES miHealth Matrix Regulators Add-On 
Includes 11 Programs: MRs #1-#10 and the Full Matrix Regulation Cycle

MR Cycle (screen shown above) 
Regular Price $700.00

Fall Special September 2023
Prepare for Winter: Give Yourself an Extra Boost by Adding The MR Folder to your miHealth
Receive $150 off - Sale Price: $550

Includes Reference Documents for new Matrix Regulator Folders

Matrix Regulators (MRs) are powerful combinations designed to unblock major distortions in the overall flow of information in the body, and they have particular resonance with these connecting points between Integrators (related to acupuncture meridians), helping to ensure phase coherence. This makes them strong allies for the Integrators, supporting both our maintenance and healing processes. Similar to Energetic Stars, MRs do deep work that may help to restore information flow when other approaches have failed. They also help to ensure alignment of the matrix with the morphic field (the aspect of the field that controls tissue shape/growth/wasting) and the heart field. (READ MORE ABOUT MATRIX REGULATORS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE)

Close-up of MiHealth Accessories 

MiHealth miHealth Protective Sleeve - Blue Cover accessory fits snugly onto the Mihealth and helps to protect your NES Health MiHealth Pulsed Electromagnetic Field/Microcurrent Device

NES Health USB Mini-B Cable
A replacement USB Mini-B Cable for your NES scanner or miHealth device. This cable is approved for use in NES Health devices with a USB Mini-B connector.

Replacement miHealth battery for all versions of NES miHealth device


miHealth Carbon Pads   

Carbon Pads to be used with the NES Health MiHealth Pemf/Microcurrent device. Comes with 2 carbon pads, a cord with 2 plugs for each carbon pad, and a cloth drawstring bag.


miHealth battery cover

Replacement battery cover for the miHealth device.

US PRICES, other countries may have additional fees.

More About Matrix Regulators

MR1: Super Cell Driver

MR #1 is a powerful stimulus to cells in general, but not nerve cells, which are structured differently. It is used when cell metabolism is failing due to loss of information.


MR2: Calm Mind

MR #2 is for the shock that may have set off a deep disease state.The effect is to calm the mind.


MR3: Restore Matrix

MR #3 is for emergency correction of the matrix regardless of what health problem its complications may have caused.


MR4: Microtubule Function

MR #4 matches microtubules, dendrites, and centrioles as well as renal tubules.


MR5: Harmonize Emotions

MR #5 does not match any diseases or organs and only matches one tissue type: neurilemma (the thin sheath around a nerve axon).


MR6: Reconnection

MR #6 is designed to bioenergetically relieve the stress associated with the collapse of the matrix from EI6 Kidney through EI10 (Circulation-Heart Protector).


MR7: Calcium and Terrains

MR # 7 represents the end of the big body wave, thus handing information off to MR10 between EI12 and EI1 to continue information along the wave.


MR8: Growth Cone Regeneration

MR # 8 is designed to support growth cone regeneration, as well as amino acids when used with MR2.


MR9: Freedom

MR # 9 is a combination of several other Matrix Regulators and acts as a facilitator for all the previous MRs when they also show up as priorities. It works in a general way across the matrix.


MR10: CNS-Heart-Matrix

It seeks to align three primary units of the body field: the matrix, with its inherent scaling; the heart, with its inherent phonon communication at low frequency; and the central nervous system.


Full Matrix Regulation Cycle

If the Full Matrix Regulation Cycle shows up as a priority, this can be used instead of the individual MRs. It combines all MRs in a specific order along with support for the body’s energetic recovery processes from complex health conditions.

The illustration below shows the concept of this body wave and where each MR helps to connect the Integrators. This also explains why MR1 and MR3 play such key roles, connecting so many of the Integrators.