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NES MiHealth PEMF/Microcurrent Device

The NES Health is a sophisticated Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)/Microcurrent Device

Corrects Energetic Blockages


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NES miHealth has on-body microcurrent settings in addition to Pulsed Electromagnetic off-body

It is 2 very sophisticated health devices in 1!

The NES miHealth PEMF/Microcurrent device is the most sophisticated Pulsed Electromagnetic Device with programs for every area of the body.  Programs increase and correct energy spin on a cellular level.  Learn more about how important this is on a cellular level here. The miHealth also helps to balance the energy of acupuncture meridian pathways and chakra energy centers.

Clear Energetic Blockages and Increase Energy on a Bioenergetic Cellular Level

The miHealth has over 120 programs that can be used to increase energy and improve energetic information pathways.  NES MiHealth can also be used to do an NES Health scan at home using the free software included with your purchase of the miHealth.  NES Health Body Field Scan will recommend Energetic Integrator programs to run in order to clear blocked acupuncture meridian information pathways.  There are many other programs (see miHealth Folders below) on the miHealth to support increased energy and supporting tissues of the body energetically. 

Descriptions of each of the Programs in the Seven miHealth Folders

Physical Folder

  1. Physical Rejuvenation Rejuvenation helps rejuvenate the body after sports, strenuous physical activity, physical injury, impact, or shock. Aids in tissue regeneration, muscle recovery, and muscle tone. May ease muscle strains, swelling, and trauma.
  2. Chronic Balance (Wave Corrector) Pain longer than 3 days
  3. Acute Balance Pain that began within the last  3 days includes ESR
  4. Muscles (ED9) Great for muscle tightness and stiffness Muscle Driver assists in clearing metabolic waste stored in muscle tissue to help restore flexibility, mobility, and muscle strength.
  5. Joints (setting includes Emotional Stress Relief)
  6. Nerve (Wave Corrector ES3, ED4) Nerve Driver supports the nervous system to help your body deal with stress. It helps to shed toxins, calm the system, and aid in your ability to get a restful sleep.
  7. Bone (ED16)
  8. Biocell (ED3)
  9. After-Sport Rejuvenation on areas of pain from over-exercise or sports.
  10. Myofascial (ED3) For stiff muscles

      Energy Folder

  1. Recharged  (12EI’s, Source ED with EI 14, 15 & 16)
  2. Energy  NES Feel Good Infoceutical similar to Source on the NES Health scan Energy Strength Screen
  3. Matrix Carrier Regenerate interconnective tissue. Run all 5 intensities to open tight muscle tissue and stiff joints
  4. Female (ES12) can provide at any time and any volume because it is a "feel good" setting!  Female supports female endocrine function to enhance social abilities. Helps promote confidence, willpower, social warmth, and well-being.
  5. Male (ES11) Male social abilities. Helps promote confidence, willpower, social warmth, and well-being.
  6. Energy Align Charge all energy centers, a combination of EI’s that line up on the spine
  7. Gen. Rejuv. after sport and to recover: Matrix Carrier and Rejuvenation
  8. Chinese cycle Can run for 15-20 minutes to help reset the circadian rhythm. NOTE: Be sure the MiHealth clock is on the proper time of day as this will determine which part of the cycle is running.

      Mind Folder

       Pulse Electromagnetic waves can affect brain waves to calm the body and bring the body into a parasympathetic state as opposed to the sympathetic state that is created during stress.
  1. ESR (Emotional Stress Relief)
  2. Peace Inner Peace promotes a calm mental state, mental clarity, and honesty with oneself. Enhances the head-heart connection to resolve conflicts between emotions and logical thought, as well as memories that have caused disharmony.
  3. Mental Clarity
  4. Sleep Run 10 minutes a few times throughout the day and before bed to help you sleep Sleep promotes balanced sleep cycles and regulation of your body's natural rhythms. May have a harmonizing effect on the body's entire energetic system. Use 3-4 times throughout the day, with the last dose before bedtime to reset your sleep cycle.
  5. Liberator: Liberator's name comes from the idea that it can help free you from patterns of the past. It matches the emotions associated with the brainstem, cerebellum, cerebral medulla, and cerebral cortex and acts as a broad, general corrector of shock and trauma. Slowly increase the running time as many changes may occur (less is more).
  6. Chill (ES8) Liberator with ED6 Heart Driver Chill does exactly as the name suggests and helps to calm that busy mind that is keeping you awake or causing you to relieve concerns and worries over and over again.  This is a main factor in our stress levels.  Chill is designed to have a mental calming effect by assisting the cerebral cortex to process backlogs of emotional and sensory data due to overload and emotional tape loops.  
  7. Love Hold above the top of the head when running

 Protection Folder

  1. Microwave Radiation Relief
  2. Far Infrared Radiation
  3. Computer Radiation Relief
  4. Cell Phone Radiation Relief 
  5. Radio Radiation Relief
  6. Radiation Relief Cycle
  7. EMF Relief For ill effects of non-natural electromagnetic fields.  Helps correct energetic imbalances.  May help improve ability to deflect these fields. Drops may be used topically on the hands, back of the neck or other exposed areas.

     Transformations Folder 

  1. Love 
  2. Contentment
  3. Honesty
  4. Charisma
  5. Tolerance
  6. Will Power
  7. Trust
  8. Transformations Cycle: a 27-minute cycle that runs all of the other programs listed above in the Transformation folder (love, contentment, honesty, charisma, tolerance, willpower, trust).

       Wellbeing Folder

  1. Immune Energetic Terrain’s (ET15)
  2. CFI (ET6) Cold Flu and Immunity. I used this for 1 hour when I started to get the cold everyone else in the family had and that night I had a fever and was over it by the next day.
  3. Food Helps to calm allergies to food, run right after eating for 20 minutes or so
  4. Digestion Helps with intestinal peristalsis for elimination.
  5. Head Run on all sides of the head until a headache dissipates
  6. Skin
  7. Memory
  8. Sleep (for when you are over-exhausted and have a hard time getting to sleep)
  9. Anti-Aging Supports hormones, enzyme production, and the nervous system. Helps poor sleep that is due to melatonin deficiency.  Don’t run more than 20 minutes per application
  10. Hearing
  11. Fat Metabolism Helps the liver process fats and is very good for adrenal support.  Fat Metabolism helps to correct and normalize liver function, hormonal activity, and metabolism of fat. Supports the nervous system and may encourage appetite regulation

      ER Folder (Energetic Rejuvenators)

        1. Sensory Cortex
        2. Large Intestine
        3. Bronchial
        4. Fingers
        5. Myocardia
        6. Lungs
        7. Sciatic Nerve
        8. Lumbar Spine
        9. Tailbone
        10. Jejunum
        11. Para Thyroid
        12. Appendix
        13. AV Nodes
        14. Bladder
        15. Midbrain
        16. Scapular
        17. Gall Bladder
        18. Cervical Spine
        19. Thoracic Spine
        20. Kidneys
        21. Pineal Gland
        22. Rectum
        23. Atlas
        24. Knee Joints
        25. Stomach
        26. Brain
        27. Hip Joint
        28. Ankle Joints
        29. Liver
        30. Diaphragm
        31. Eyes
        32. Hypothalamus
        33. Thyroid
        34. Adrenals
        35. Trigeminal Nerve
        36. Wrists
        37. Heart
        38. Larynx
        39. Shoulder Joint
        40. Paranasal Sinuses
        41. Jaw/TMJ
        42. Pancreas
        43. Spleen
        44. Tonsils
        45. Groin Lymph
        46. Elbow Joints
        47. Toes
        48. Pharynx
        49. Skin
        50. Ovaries
        51. Testes
        52. Coronary Vascular
        53. Retina
        54. Pericardium
        55. Uterus
        56. Prostate
        57. Teeth
        58. Duodenum
        59. Oesophagus
        60. Peritoneum
        61. Skull
        62. Digestive Ducts
        63. Cranial Nerves
        64. Pelvis
        65. Feet
        66. Bronchial Mucosa
        67. Shoulder & Arm
        68. Acoustic Nerve
        69. Breasts
        70. Larynx Mucosa

Your NES Health miHealth Purchase Gives you Access to a Free Scan and NES Health Portal online which includes:

  1. Free downloadable scanning software
  2. Videos of how to use the miHealth
  3. NES miHealth Manual pdf
  4. MiHealth Functions Chart pdf
  5. MiHealth General Function Protocols pdf
  6. MiHealth Focused Function Protocols pdf
  7. Thorough Review of Scan Screens (60 minutes)
  8. Recommendations for Infoceuticals specific to your scan
  9. Music Online (Journey Through the Matrix & Body Field Includes 24 songs)
  10. Supercharged Energy for Life video 
  11. How to Increase Energy ebook
  12. The Living Matrix Movie and Transcript
  13. Journey to Health ebook

 Bonus Helps Included with your Purchase:

A document with a  collection of uses for the miHealth settings that I have used with clients over the years.  Any precautions for settings that should be used in short increments and increased over time.  What settings to use for your personal goals. A link to miHealth videos.

Combining the miHealth PEMF Energetic Rejuvenator settings from your scan along with NES Health Infoceuticals is a dynamic duo that is even more powerful than using either one alone but is not necessary for the wonderful energetic increase and balance of the spin of energy centers.