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Get Rid of Stress with NES

Stress. We all feel it. Today many of us cope with stress every day as the world around us changes. Relationships, finances, employment, careers, or just life itself can be stressful at times.
 When we are stressed, the Human Body Field (HBF) gets temporarily distorted from its normal spherical shape. When the sphere is not perfect, information is transferred incorrectly in the HBF, resulting in symptoms of stress such as bad temper, poor concentration, tension, and more. The ability to process thoughts, and absorb food, might be compromised.
 Stress Defined Bio-Energetically
NES and bio-energetic researcher Peter Fraser defined stress as follows:
 “The body is a huge information transformer using energy to arrange data into patterns that we can deal with. Excessive sensory input will cause chaos in this system, as there is always leakage of unprocessed data, data that has never found its best location in the arrangement of our memories. So we are looking at the failure of our fairly slow mental processing abilities as the source of stress. Contradictory inputs will also cause great stress – conflicting meanings from parents, religions or even friends.” 
 Hartmut Müller has a definition that’s similar to Peter’s. He says that stress is the excited state of a subatomic particle. The non-stress state is the resting state, in which a subatomic particle can oscillate harmoniously.
 Calming Down From Stress
I adapted this explanation to include all oscillating systems, which include our bodies. Stress in this sense is any kind of excitement, whether it’s negative, like anger, or positive, like joy. We need to calm down from either emotion into our personal resting and harmonious state at our lowest energy level, where we find harmony in ourselves.
You’ve heard the expressions, “being beside yourself”, “not being yourself”, etc. They all relate to the excitement, and therefore stress. Releasing stress and finding harmony in ourselves will therefore lead to knowing who we really are and being authentic.     
 Emotional Stress Relief Infoceutical For Stress

The NES Health Infoceutical ESR is an energetic remedy that has been ‘imprinted’ with bio-information to directly correct distortions in the body field. It can be used for corrections after episodes of general stress, excessive mental exercise, or excessive physical exercise.
 ESR works on levels where the stress is conscious and we know that the condition we feel is caused by stress. It is made for short-term usage – a few days at a time, 6 to 15 drops several times a day as needed.
ESR helps realign the reference points of the big body wave which is created by the order of the integrator fields in our body matrix. An important reference point is the medulla oblongata where all integrator fields meet. Here we find important parts of the autonomous nervous system as a control system. ESR here helps reorganize huge amounts of data for faster and better processing. This is how stress on this level is dealt with.
Another important reference point is the heart, where all integrator fields meet. We know that all sensory input is recognized and evaluated by the heart emotionally.
 How To Use ESR
 You can use ESR when you feel stressed after hard physical exercise, too much work, or nerve-racking situations such as exams or job interviews. You can also use it when you feel too frazzled to eat or digest food.
It works for temporary stress headaches in about ten minutes. For other kinds of headaches, it takes about 20 minutes.
You can use ESR as a rescue remedy immediately after a shocking event, or at any time they are trembling with fear or anger.  The dosage is 6-10 drops up to 3 times a day in stressful situations, for 3 or 4 days. For strong, acute stress, in the short term, they can take 15 drops every two hours.
ESR is for temporary stress, not for long-term anxiety, to be used for a few days only. It does NOT function as a chemical sedative nor is it a stimulant.
 The Infoceutical De-Stress First Aid Kit
 Your personal De-Stress Kit should include ESR, Chill, Peace, and Heart Driver Infoceuticals.
Generally, you can take these Infoceuticals 1 to 3 times a day in doses of 9 or 15 drops at a time (28 drops maximum).
 A bottle will last approximately five weeks at 9 drops a day, and over three weeks at 15 drops a day.
You can learn what subconscious emotions are contributing to your stress through your personal
NES Health Scan.