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Your DNA and Stress

Follow the post to learn all about how memories can be passed between generations and cause us stress.  OH dear, that is not what you wanted to hear!  

Just to end on a positive note, I also included a link to a great podcast about increasing energy through releasing conflict.

The great advantage of NES Health protocols is the ability to clear energetic pathway blockages whatever the cause.

Infoceuticals at Work

Here is an example of the power of Infoceuticals for relief from depression:

Feeling Down and What to Do 

NES Health Emotional Stress Relief Drops to the Rescue


Last night I shared my Emotional Stress Release (ESR) drops with my loved one suffering from depression.  

Feeling Better

Wow, what a difference today. This person was in a much better mood today and even animated making silly noises at the dinner table this evening.  I know that sounds funny but I think if this person was a singer that I would have heard some notes come out.  This person has been so solemn and quiet it was a startling difference.  I thought all the quiet and seriousness was a personality thing but now I am thinking it very well may have been related to stress and all its effects on this person's way of thinking.

Have a Happy Hands-On Healthy day,

The ESR drops are part of the NES Health "Feel Good" infoceuticals that can be taken without having an NES Health Body Field Scan first.  Learn more about Feel Good Infoceuticals here.