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Shining Light on the Mind Screens of NES Health Body Field Scans

The Mind Screens of your NES Health Body Field Scan include the following 4 quadrants of the brain:

  1. Brainstem  
  2. Cerebellum  
  3. Cerebral Medulla
  4. Cerebral Cortex

A client said she just had to take this photo of the light shining on me 
while going over her bioenergetic scan results today.  
I love it!

This brings me to my subject at hand for this post.  I would like to shine some light on what the Mind/Body brain screens of the NES Health ProVision Bioenergetic scan teach us.

During a body field scan, the following MiHealth programs are routinely used:
  • Matrix Carrier for the interconnective tissue and Biocell to prepare cells for change
  • Energetic Rejuvenators to clear acupuncture meridian blockages (associated with each organ)
  • Pain programs for a client's particular issues (knee pain, digestive issues, shoulder pain, etc.)
Then we can delve into the Mind/Body Screen that includes 4 quadrants of the brain which are brainstem, cerebellum, cerebral medulla and cerebral cortex with their associated emotions. The Mind/Body Brain Infoceuticals and programs bring grand changes.

Each of these quadrants of the brain is linked to a variety of tissues throughout the body but what is really fascinating is they bring insight into the mental and emotional factors that may be affecting our well-being and our health.  Each Mind Screen indicates specific anatomical points on the body where there are energetic blocks related to certain emotions.  

There is a strong link between mind and body and they affect each other.  It helps us understand our physical problems better when we explore this link.  

The most beautiful thing is that NES Health has developed Infoceuticals for each of the quadrants of the brain.  Liberator Infoceutical is a combination of brainstem, cerebellum, cerebral medulla and cerebral cortex.

WOW!  I have been so blown away by recent structural changes of my jaw and spine after using Liberator that I just have to share.

Next: I will share my experience using Liberator and the mind-body changes and benefits I have noticed. 

Have a lovely and peaceful Hands-On Healthy day,