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Mind Screens and Liberator

Mind Screens and Liberator

Brainstem screen on an NES Health Body Field Scan
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Past emotional memories causing stress now can come from what may seem to be a simple event.  One client as a grown woman with a lovely family and life was experiencing depression.  It wasn't until she took the Liberator Infoceutical that she remembered a stressor as a child.  Her mother loved to give elaborate dinner parties at their home and this client, as a young child, had the daunting responsibility of setting the tables before the party which she felt needed to be perfect.  After taking Liberator, the stress associated with this event vanished along with her depression.

The central purpose of the four mind Infoceuticals, brainstem, cerebellum, cerebral medulla and cerebral cortex, are to help release past emotional shocks,  negative subconscious belief patterns, tape loops, and memories. When any of these states become ‘trapped’ in the subconscious, they can have a significant impact on both emotional and physical wellbeing. Releasing and resolving past emotional issues can bring about profound changes at many levels.

When someone experiences an unexpected, dramatic, emotional shock for which they have a limited coping strategy, there is a tendency for that shock to become imprinted into the subconscious. NES research suggests that these shock/conflicts result in ‘energetic oscillations’ within the brain. Over time, if the shock is not liberated either naturally or through therapy, it can manifest as a physical health issue.

Research has identified a relationship between the originating type of shock/conflict and the locations in the brain where the oscillations occur. The correlation of originating shock to brain location has been mapped out and the identified locations are known as ‘relay points’. Correlation has also been identified between the relay points in the brain and tissues of the body. Effectively this forms a link between the mental/emotional body and the physical body where originating shocks can result in physical illness.

My First Week Using Liberator

1st Day: The first time I used Liberator, I thought I would take it before bed and maybe have some dreams that others have said can happen in the process of clearing old emotions.  That night, I had a lot of congestion and drainage from my head.

2nd Day: I woke up feeling sore from my lymphatic system being overwhelmed by the drainage.  I took an Epsom salt bath, took 15 drops of ESR Infoceutical, and drank lots of water to relieve discomfort.  I used chill instead of Liberator because it includes Emotional Stress Release (ESR) which calms the mind.  I also lowered the dose because I had noticed that chill causes some drainage also (but not as much as with Liberator). 

3rd Day:  I noticed the right side of my jaw is re-adjusting.  My jaw doesn’t hurt, it just feels like it is changing.  I also could feel my left hip muscles.  I think my body is making some major postural adjustments. 

4th Day:  I am back to using Liberator and I am starting to feel the muscles near my hips; my right side down to the knee and left side near my hip.

5th Day: I woke up with both hips still sore. Used Liberator today.

6th Day:  I used Liberator 2 times today.

7th Day: The pain has moved to the middle of my back and I can feel my spine; something is definitely changing.  I did not use Chill or Liberator today in order to give my body time to adjust.  I am excited to see if this will get to the cause of my migraines.  I don’t get them very often anymore but sometimes bending my back or holding my head in the wrong way for too long can cause a migraine.

8th Day: I feel so great today.  I tend to be an empath that takes on the energy of those around me which usually brings me down or if a person I am around is super energetic (hyper) then I get wired and can’t sleep.  Today, a close, dear loved one was VERY down because of an extremely stressful situation we are dealing with.  I don’t think I have seen him this down before.  It was so happy with how well I was able to stay positive and try to lift him without my feeling down as he was (especially since the stressor has been very hard on me too, even to the point of causing a panic attack a while back).  I just kept bringing in a positive outlook and how worry in the past or what might happen in the future does not help us or the situation.  I must say it was quite refreshing to feel as if my body field was in such good balance as to stay centered and happy in the middle of it all.

I was quite surprised by the physical changes that have been taking place!  I am very "happy" with the emotional uplift I am feeling.

Remember to count your blessings today.

Enjoy a Hands-On Healthy Day,