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Nervous System & Mind Health

The Nervous System and The Mind

NES Body Field Scan Nervous System protocol

Following my NES Health Scan protocol for the nervous system has been really great.  I have been feeling so good and I take the ED4 Nerves driver before bed to calm and relax my nerves. It helps my emotions so I feel more grounded.  I have felt an increase in circulation through my spine.  At times, my spine has felt a bit itchy, just like after a migraine is over and the inflammation is going down; a tale-tale sign that the cerebrospinal fluid is flowing again.

Liberator Infoceutical for Releasing Stuck Emotions

I have realized that when I use the Liberator Infoceutical or MiHealth setting, I dream.  Knowing that dreaming is a sign of the best sleep for cellular regeneration, I wanted to incorporate liberator again.

A Crazy Dream that Helps Me Know What to Do

I woke up from a wild adventure of a dream and wanted to share.  First of all, I was trying to maneuver through a familiar place to find a spot to park in a 2 level small parking area.  Then when I was inside the building, I felt as if people were looking at me and talking about me and I realized I wasn't dressed.  I struggled to get through a door and ended up outside.  

I saw a huge dog sleeping in front of me (I mean HUGE).  The dog woke up and I heard other dogs barking and before I knew it I had 2 dogs on either side of me.  Each of the two dogs was very, very close to me with their face pressed up against each of my cheeks.  

I froze.  Not knowing  I could hear and feel their quick, heavy breathing and I was afraid to move.  I felt the jaw of the dog on the right move ever so slowly.  Then I began to image in my mind that he might attack me.  I knew I needed to not give in to such thoughts, so I began to imagine a white light for my mind to focus on.  The light began to grow and soon it reached me and the dogs pressed against my cheeks and when the light hit the dogs, their faces began to dissipate and quickly they were completely gone.  

I woke up shortly after and I knew exactly what this dream was trying to teach me!  

Knowing What to Do and Moving on

There is something so very therapeutic about bringing emotions to the surface and realizing what I can do to calm a stressor in my life.  It is so empowering to know what it is that I can do, how I can deal with a situation and to not worry about changing another person or situation that is not mine to change.

Life is very good.

Have a calm Hands-On Healthy week,