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Grounding and Emotional Stress Release to the Rescue

I just have to give a shout out for grounding and the NES Health drops called Emotional Stress Release (ESR).  I have been trying to help a loved one who has been extremely depressed and had thoughts of suicide.  Wanting to help and be there for a person in such a state can take a toll on a caregiver.  One day after trying to help and beginning to get a headache, I went into the yard and relaxed in the grass. I was surprised how quickly I was feeling ready to get up and face things again.   

It can be a very rocky road and just when you think things may be getting better another stumbling block happens and the worry and concern skyrocket again.  Sometimes that has meant my being up most of the night and the worry has sent me into a fight or flight response on more than one occasion. Most recently as I tried to figure out how to help this loved one, I felt overwhelmed with the feeling of helplessness and out of desperation reached for some ESR drops.  After taking the highest amount of drops that are recommended, which is 28,  I was lying in bed for about 15 minutes feeling worn out from worry and unable to calm my stressful thoughts, all of a sudden I thought, "It's going to be ok!".  Wow, all of a sudden I could look at everything more rationally and let the worry go.  I was able to be more grateful and have more faith looking forward.  In such an extremely worried state, it was so obvious how much those drops helped me.  This is just what my struggling loved one needs.

Calming the stress response in the body by holding our ESR reflex points on the forehead is a much more subtle response so we really need to stick with it for a while to notice the difference.  

Have a calm and worry-free Hands-On Healthy day with plenty of ESR!