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Grounding for Anemia Disorder

“For the first 60+ years of my life, I was constantly bedeviled by a condition I never knew a name for, except for ‘anemia.’  I always had low hemoglobin, most often marginal (just above the low ‘limit’ of 10 grams per deciliter).  When I lived with my grandfather, Dr. Max Gerson, during the school week, he tried to boost my blood by giving me daily doses of raw calf liver juice (it is just what you might imagine).  This was not my favorite part of childhood.

Low Stamina

“I never was really into sports, although my physique might have suggested I would be good at them.  I simply didn’t have the stamina to run up and down a soccer field, a basketball court, or sustain constant physical output.  So I became a bookworm, living much of my life in my head, reading incessantly, doing things that didn’t require a lot of exertion.
“As an adult, my mother would prevail upon me to get regular blood tests to ensure that I was not falling below a minimum, although on the few occasions that I did (due to travel, or some other stress causing me to be off my somewhat restrictive diet), it was very obvious: I experienced the ‘crash’ very specifically, and was unable to muster any energy or stamina. The smallest hill on a path I regularly walk was a challenge.  My 200’ uphill driveway required several stops for me to catch my breath and regain the energy to reach the top of the hill.  It would take months to rebuild my energy and blood to the point where I was just ABOVE the minimum, where I could function.

Incurable Disease?

“One time, about 20 years ago, I went to a general practitioner for a blood test when I was in the BELOW minimum condition, and he diagnosed me with ‘Mediterranean thalassemia,’ a supposedly genetic disorder that is believed incurable.  As far as I can tell, Mediterranean thalassemia is somewhat similar to sickle cell anemia, with the red blood cells (RBCs) twisted and tortured in shape, not the nice, fat, hemoglobin-rich flattened cells they should be.

Anemia Continues

“This condition persisted for most of my life.  I worked out a modus vivendi that allowed me to function, though not at vigorous sports, and life went on.  I got blood tests periodically, and if I was okay, they would show my blood just above minimum.  I learned to be careful.

A Simple Solution

“In 2014, I was introduced to Earthing and began sleeping on a grounding sheet. I had no aches, pains, inflammations or irritations, so I didn’t notice any significant immediate difference in my body.  How was I going to know if I got any good effects from the sheet?

Blood Count Test Before Grounding

“I quickly realized that I had an ailment that might serve as a yardstick for an effect: my thalassemia!  I decided to get a complete blood count (CBC) test immediately to provide a ‘before’ picture, then test my blood again after 30 days for an ‘after’ picture.  Numbers don’t lie, lab tests are objective, and I figured that if there was an effect, it would manifest in the numbers. A CBC test measures different features of your blood, including RBCs.

Quick Improvement in Just Three Days

“I got my CBC back, and, to my amazement, within three days of putting the Earthing sheet on my bed and sleeping grounded, the hemoglobin level tested smack in the middle of the normal range! This was the first time in my life that my blood tested normal.
“I didn’t notice a sharp increase in my stamina, as I am accustomed to the condition and generally don’t push myself.  But I did notice relatively quickly that I had no more problems going up my driveway, even with two heavy trash cans in tow.

Increased Stamina

“The tests since then have stayed in that normal range, to the point where I no longer test my blood frequently or even annually.  I have plenty of stamina and don’t get exhausted. At age 73, walking and singing are my main exercises these days (yes, singing is a physical commitment, and I perform regularly with my chorus and my quartet), and neither of them is limited by my stamina.

Better Sleep

“For me the improvement from grounding is obvious.  And so is the importance of STAYING GROUNDED.  It happened on one or two occasions that when we washed the linens, the Earthing sheet did not get replaced on the bed for a couple of days, just normal sheets.  After only one day of not grounding, the effect is striking for me.  I would start to experience the lower energy, sleep disturbances, even poor digestion.  You can imagine how fast I put the sheet on then, with the expected good result.

Best Method for Improvement

“My quality of life has clearly improved.  When you have anemia, and your blood is right at the margin of low hemoglobin, you have little or no margin of error, or resiliency.  Stress, a short period of less-than-optimal diet, can use up the little margin you have. Return the hemoglobin to normal levels and you don’t have to worry about that anymore.  Doesn’t mean you should abuse yourself, but you don’t have to worry about being so close to the edge that a little push can put you over.

Great Improvement for Others

“My sister is active in the health field in Italy. When I told her about my experience, she suggested Earthing to someone she knew who had been also diagnosed with Mediterranean thalassemia.  That person began sleeping grounded and had the same turnaround results that I got.
“Two positive results do not, of course, equate to proof that a simple way exists to reverse this otherwise ‘incurable’ ailment.  However, the results encourage me to suggest that grounding should be tried by individuals with thalassemia as well as another, and more common genetic disorder affecting hemoglobin: sickle cell anemia.”

Thalassemia is a type of inherited blood disorder that typically produces anemia and occurs mostly among people of Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, Southern Asian, and African descent. Health writer and speaker Howard Straus has struggled with the low energy of this condition for a lifetime. After starting grounding in 2014, his red blood cell count rapidly normalized and his stamina soared.

Have a Hands-On Healthy Grounded Day,