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Why Hands-On Healthy?

Why I Chose the Name Hands On Healthy 

Energy Balance for Asthma Relief

When I first tried tapping acupuncture meridian ends using the Emotional Freedom Technique and found that my asthma was calmed after about 15 minutes and I was relaxed and able to go to sleep, I wanted to understand why it worked so well.  My asthma had gotten so bad that I could not tolerate the cold air when I went outside.  Since it was winter in Michigan, that became a huge problem and I had to cover my mouth when I would go outside to prevent horrific and uncomfortable coughing.  Also, I started to have a problem with coughing when I would go to bed which was very disturbing and I would have to use heat and vibration on my lungs in order to be able to sleep.

Touch for Health

In my search for understanding why the tapping worked so well, I was blessed to be able to attend 2 "Touch for Health" courses being given within an hour from my home.  The course is not offered near me very often and it was going to happen within a few weeks (what a blessing).  The timing was so perfect and I learned so very much.  The most important thing I learned was that when our acupuncture meridians are out of balance we don't feel as well as we could.  I have since experienced the physical benefits of keeping the meridians in balance. 

Touch for Health taught me that we can do so much for our own acupuncture meridian balance and our health by using our hands, thus the name: Hands-On Healthy

Electromagnetic Balance

Fast forward many years and I have also figured out that we can use our hands in very simple ways to balance our acupuncture meridians.  When talking about balance in this sense we are talking about an energy system in our body.  I would like you to think about electricity through your home.  There are safety reasons that the electrical system in our home is grounded.  The grounding provides an easy path for electricity to flow should a large surge occur.  The flow and balance in our bodies are quite similar and I have discovered that I can do some very easy and simple things to help my body get back into balance.

If you think of electricity, you think of a circuit wherein the electrons flow.  A circuit needs to be circular to work and the wires have to go from the power source to the device and back again.  If there is a switch that is turned off, the power will not reach the device.  Our bodies are similar in that when there is a blockage, the energy cannot flow properly for balance.  When energy flow in our body is stuck, it acts like a dam which not only restricts the flow in an area but causes too much energy concentration in another area.  Too much energy in an area of our body creates pain, congestion, and inflammation.

A Favorite Technique to Create Balance 

Create a circuit with your arms to defuse too much energy in an area of pain, congestion, and inflammation.  So here is how it works and it is very simple.  Use 1 hand to cover your navel and put your other hand where you have pain, congestion, discomfort, inflammation or swelling.  That's it! Very simple and very helpful.  It will be a subtle change so do it for as long as you can until you feel a difference.  Sound too simple?  Give it a try and let us know what you notice.

Using My Favorite Technique This Week

 I know a lot of people with a cold right now.  It is being passed around from friend to friend, kind of like salt at the dinner table, LOL.  Although it really isn't very funny because it isn't much fun.  This week I felt the old pressure in the sinuses that is a tell-tale sign for me that I've caught what's going around.  I wanted relief from the pressure so I put two of my fingers on the sinus areas with the most pain that was located near the inside of my eyebrows and I covered my belly button with the other hand.  The pain was quite excruciating when putting pressure on my sinuses and I could have used a light touch; the circuit will be created with lightly touching the area.  I, wanting to see how fast of a difference it could make, put quite a bit of pressure with my fingers.  Yes, it was painful for a few minutes but the pain subsided and my sinuses opened up.  The relief from the pressure felt great.  I continued to make the circle several times throughout the day and now have no symptoms.  Again, a light touch will work fine as you create a circuit with both of your hands for balancing the acupuncture meridians and energy flow.  Give it a try and let me know.

My Daughter's Experience

My daughter has been having some heart palpitations lately and so she created a circuit by covering her belly button with 1 hand and putting her other hand where she feels the palpitations.  It has really helped her and she says she loves doing it because it helps her feel much calmer.

Using a grounding product while doing this makes it all the more effective.  You can just hold the grounding product in your hand and touch your skin with part of your hand or make the circuit with the arms and lay a grounding mat on your arms or elsewhere on your body. 

Have a Hands-On Healthy & Calm Day,