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UPDATE: Checking in with how well my weight loss is going.  I just returned from a 2 week vacation and family reunion.  All and all with the compromises I had to make as far as what I ate while traveling, I am happy with the results; I gained a couple of pounds.  However, as soon as I returned I got right back to my regularly scheduled program and lost those 2 pounds and another within a few days.  I am sure that being at the beach, setting my eye clock every day, getting lots of sunlight, and drinking lots of water was a great help.

Now that I have been home for a couple of weeks, I have lost more weight.  My total thus far is 17 pounds.  

How we get Energy From the Food we Eat

Today I would like to share some great information about what food eventually breaks down to in the body.  My anatomy and physiology class and every textbook teach that the input to the mitochondria is called Electron Transport Chain.  In other words, our food is eventually broken down into electrons.  Please let me repeat that because it may cause a change in how you think about food, diet, health, and yes, weight loss.  I know it did for me.  

The Energy from our Food is Eventually Transferred in the Form of Electrons.  Why is this Important?

In previous posts, I shared information about grounding and increasing electrons for better health.   The fact that food becomes an electron in the body, changes the way I look at my own diet. Being outside in the sunlight, connecting with the earth with bare feet or leather souls increases the electrons in our body. The more we increase those electrons in our body and energetically support ourselves, it is in essence a way of "feeding" our body.  Wow! Now that is something to think about.  

NES Health Infoceuticals and Energetic Support

This may sound crazy but I have found this to be true.  NES Health Infoceuticals can support the body very well on an energetic level to increase and transfer information throughout the body.

There is even more to this story...

If we want to increase the electrons in our body, it is important to be hydrated.  If we think in terms of charging up our body with electrons, photons from the sun are a source of electrons through the spectrum of light that comes from the sun and hits our skin.  If we want our body to use and hold those electrons (kind of like a battery), our body needs to be hydrated.  NES Health Infoceuticals and the miHealth PEMF/Microcurrent device work so much better when we are very well hydrated.  

If you would like to read more about the Electron Transport System:

Have a sunny Hands-On Healthy weekend,


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