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Light and Leptin, A Master Hormone

We have talked about the benefits of morning light through the retina signaling
our brain to wake-up while also signaling our anterior pituitary gland and circadian
rhythm.  Light through the retina also goes past the pituitary gland to the
hypothalamus affecting our leptin receptor.

Why is Leptin so important?

Leptin tells our brain when we are full.  If we are leptin resistant, we never feel
full and so we think we need to always fill our "tank" by eating.

The report linked to below tells us that "food intake is regulated via neural circuits
located in the hypothalamus...Absence of circulating, functionally active, leptin
hormone results in obesity..."

Control of food intake via leptin receptors in the hypothalamus:

Leptin is a master hormone which also impacts immune function and fertility:

Have a Hands-On Healthy sun filled day,

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