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Setting Your Hormonal Clock

Let Your Eyes Know it is Time to Wake

Before I begin, let me be clear that you do not look directly at the sun; you don't want to damage your retina.  Going outside and facing towards the east is sufficient.  

Even 2-3 minutes of sunlight photons through the retina can help set your circadian rhythm and improve hormonal balance. I usually do this for about 10 minutes.  It is best to look towards (not directly at) the sun within 30 minutes of getting out of bed in the morning.  This will begin the process of setting your circadian rhythm and give you a great start towards hormonal balance. Photons on the skin are also an important part of hormonal balance so don't be afraid to let the sunshine on the surface of your skin also.

Open a Window and Let the Sunshine In

I have an east window in my bedroom that has 2 window panes I can open and lay flat to let the sunlight in.  Here is a video.  It is a little tricky taking a video towards the sun.

When I look out this window, I get very close to the window and I look at the pine tree on the left for a while and then the chestnut tree on the right so the photons can enter the eyes without looking directly at the sun.  I also make sure there is skin exposed to the photons.  Here is a photo through the same window so you can see the trees a little better.

I prefer going outside but when in a pinch, this will do.

Have a Hands-On Healthy, Sunshiny day!