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Simple Circadian Rhythm and Hormonal Balance

Setting Circadian Rhythm

Simple and Free

I am so excited to share some fantastic information with you!  In my quest for hormonal balance, I have found a way to better achieve it that is accessible to everyone and very simple and easy to do. 
Take 10-15 minutes each morning between about 7:15-11:00 a.m. to take in the morning light photons through your eyes.  Try to do this within 30 minutes after you get out of bed (if you get up before the sun, you will have to wait a bit longer). 

Please do NOT look directly at the sun, it is NOT necessary. Be sure to not wear any type of glasses or contacts so the sunlight can go through your retina.

Surprise!  The early morning sunlight can help to balance your hormones!

It’s free, it’s easy and it’s fun!

Take a Few Minutes

Just 10-15 minutes (even 2-3 minutes should help) each morning and the sunlight can help to balance your hormones by going through your retina to the anterior pituitary gland.  This gland controls all except for 2 of your hormones. 


The paraventricular nucleus in the hypothalamus of the brain controls the hormones released from your adrenals.  The morning light through the eyes helps the PVN function better by bringing in UV and IR light and helping to set the circadian rhythm. 

Wow!  This is so simple but for many of us, it just doesn’t happen.  Hooray! We can fix that and as my daughter would say, "BOOM!", the journey of balancing your hormones begins!  You just have to love this kind of gift that is built right into our existence.

Sleep and Metabolism

This is also part of the process for a healthy circadian rhythm.  The photoelectric rays from the sun tell your eyes where you are at in your circadian rhythm.  This is one of the most important things your body needs to know in order to be healthy, happy, sleep well and yes, get to your optimal weight.  Sleeping is part of our hormonal cycle and needs to be greatly valued.  Trouble sleeping is one of the first signs that something is off in your hormonal balance.  Setting your circadian rhythm with morning light will help with getting better sleep.

The Right Fat for Your Brain: DHA

My sleep has been so much better now that I am making sure I eat plenty of DHA and spending time outside taking in the morning light through my eyes and grounding with my skin touching the earth.  Not only am I sleeping more but I have long dreams.  Long dreams are a sign that I am having the type of sleep that is great for cellular repair.