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The Easiest Way to Ground Yourself

If it is too hot, too cold, too wet, too inconvenient or you are just too busy to take the time to ground yourself outside, there is another way!  A very convenient and simple way that I look forward to every night.  I am determined to get my hormones in balance and feel calm no matter what comes my way.  
I am so determined that I have set a goal to get grounded for at least 7 hours a day.  With that in mind, I bit the bullet and purchased a grounding product that plugs into the grounded circular hole of an electrical outlet.  Am I ever glad that I did!!  I honestly look forward to "hooking myself up" every night.  It is very relaxing and my sleep is so much deeper. 
I have also been using it for localized pain or problems.  Last night my wrist was hurting so I used it to relieve that pain in about 15 minutes.  I have also put it on my forehead to see if it will quicken up the pace of ridding my body of sinus polyps.  I have definitely noticed a difference with my sinuses.  My allergies have been so much better and I can actually smell. 
I have figured out that it is best not to use the grounding straps on the soles of my feet before I am going to sleep because it is too stimulating and tends to keep me awake.  I love putting them on my belly.  I am sure it is soothing for my digestion and is great for sleeping.  Who knows, maybe I like it so much because it is tapping into and affecting the hormonal balance interaction that occurs in the belly.  They say the belly has it's own "brain" and plays a large role in a high percentage of the amount of serotonin that the body produces.
I am very happy!!  Well, except for that unpleasant side effect of smelling so much better when I was in the dentist's office yesterday with my daughter.  I forgot how that smelled since I have had sinus blockage for so long.
In my next post, I will share my favorite benefit from grounding.
Have a Hands On Healthy very grounded day,