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Simple Tips for Quick Allergy Relief

Spending time outside this time of year can cause unpleasant symptoms for those with seasonal allergies. 

NES Health MiHealth Pulse Electromagnetic/Microcurrent Device

There are a few programs I use on the NES Health MiHealth to calm allergic reactions:

  1. ET (Energy Terrain) Immunity
  2. CFI (Cold Flu Immunity)
  3. Acute Balance (for sinus inflammation)

 Digestive Issues Linked to Allergies

I discovered that taking a probiotic will prevent my seasonal allergy symptoms.  I tried taking a probiotic at the first sign of symptoms and was surprised how quickly it helps me feel better.  I learned to take them at the first sign of allergies to prevent symptoms.   Undigested proteins, etc. that end up where they are not supposed to be in the body cause allergy reactions we may not even notice.  When seasonal allergens are added to the mix, the body is overwhelmed and then symptoms occur.

You may have to take more than one probiotic capsule and you may have to take it more than once a day.
The probiotic (I purchased 90 capsules for a better price) that worked for me can be found at 
(30 capsules)
(90 capsules)