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Another Way to Increase Beneficial Electrons

Another Way to Increase Beneficial Electrons

Concrete holds moisture and is conductive

If there is enough moisture in the ground where you live, you can put your bare feet on concrete to ground yourself.  This opens up an entirely new way for me to tap into the electrons of the earth.  I have a concrete floor in the basement of my home.  This makes it much easier during the winter months when weather conditions prevent me from going barefoot outside.  I also have a small cement walkway on my closed-in porch that I can use for grounding. 

This is just another way to benefit from the anti-oxidant effect of grounding.  Start with 20-30 minutes of grounding every day.  Thermographic images have shown a benefit in circulation in only 30 minutes.  For chronic issues, increasing grounding time will be even more beneficial but start out with just 20-30 minutes so the anti-oxidant effect is not too overwhelming for your body.

Moisture increases conductivity so putting your feet on wet grass or wet concrete will increase the ionizing process.  After a week or 2 of grounding try increasing your time to 45 minutes per day.  After 1 week of 45 minutes of grounding, you should really notice a difference.