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  The Lymphatic System    

And Allergies

When your body feels sluggish from allergies, your lymphatic system is overburdened.  Lymphatic vessels and nodes along with the thymus gland, spleen and tonsils are part of the lymphatic system.  The lymph nodes produce white blood cells (lymphocytes) which produce antibodies that fight infection.
Since the lymphatic system does not have a pump, movement is important for keeping the lymph system flowing.  Jumping on a trampoline will help clear the lymph.  Skin brushing is also a good way to help stimulate the movement of the lymphatic system.  Use a dry natural fiber brush for skin brushing.   Brush with long sweeping strokes on the skin of the feet, legs, arms, and torso always brushing towards the heart.
If you have seasonal allergies, keeping your lymphatic system flowing is very important especially as you spend more time outside to receive the benefits of grounding.

Learn how to do a fantastic lymphatic flush using the NES MiHealth PEMF/Microcurrent device.