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Stress Release Workshop

Our "weak link" determines our type of stress-related ailment.
StReSs HaPpEnS causing the following:
  1. Hypothalamus (imbalance associated with cravings and addictions to sweets, alcohol, etc.)alerts Endocrine System and Autonomic System. 
  2. Endocrine Systems Pituitary gland releases Adreno-coricotrophic hormone (ACTH) which stimulates Adrenal Glands. Adrenalin creates sudden rush you feel when your body is endangered.
  3. Thyrotrophic Hormone (TTH) which stimulates Thyroid Gland.
  4. The Autonomic Nervous System regulates all involuntary organs such as liver, heart, kidneys, etc. which do much of the work to break down stress hormones. 
  5. Stress hormones accrue as our stress continues causing imbalance.

This Stress Reaction causes a myriad of ill affects such as:

  • Arteries Constrict 
  • Heart Beats Faster 
  • Blood Clotting Increases
  • White blood Count-Fight Infection
  • Red Blood Count up-Carry Oxygen
  • Immunity Weakens with Continued Stress
  • Digestive Processes Slow
  • More Sugar Released into Blood
  • Corticoids Release-Causes Thymus Gland to Shrink and Lymph Nodes to Atrophy and Development of Ulcers
  • Brain Control goes from Frontal Lobes (where conscious decision making is done) to back of Brain (where automatic responses occur)
 Hands-On Simple Steps for Releasing Stress
 Defusing Your Reaction to Stress Triggers
DATE: Thursday, June 16, 2011
TIME: 7:00-8:00 p.m.
PLACE: 5220 Sandhill Rd., Almont, Mi. 48003, (see map link)
COST: $15 Bring a friend and you both receive 20% off = $12/ea.