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Asthma and Allergy Ailments (part 2)

NES Health Body Field Scans


I love how well an NES Health Body Field Scan and taking the recommended NES Health Infoceuticals calms my allergy reactions.  What is fascinated is that they are rarely the same recommendations but regardless they really do help with my allergy and asthma.  The scan is so accurate in determining what will help.  Fantastic!

Supporting the Lungs

I don’t mind being a guinea pig but since last Wednesday (June 8, 2011), I have felt a bit like a laboratory rat. That is the exact day that the grass in my yard caused my body to try to protect itself by blocking my nasal and lung passages. I have tried to avoid taking nettle leaf, a natural antihistamine so that I could try a few different therapies to control the congestion. I did give in a couple times and took some nettle leaf in the middle of the night so that I could sleep. Massaging lymphatic points, hand and foot reflexes and ileocecal valve were very helpful for subsiding my congestion and asthma but I didn’t want to do these at the expense of waking myself up too much in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep.

The reaction to getting bombarded by grass pollen after having weeks of rain creating a high mold count is a bit more overwhelming to my body than a bit of mango salsa seemed to be. Relieving the allergic reaction of congestion in my head and lungs and eventually, asthma proved to be much more difficult.

Here is the chain of events including what I tried for preventing and/or relieving my asthma and allergy congestion and stiffness all over my body that I began to feel from my lymphatic system becoming overwhelmed.

June 8, 2011
Worked under the pool deck where some tall grass had tassels growing (not the best idea)
  • Lots of sneezing
  • Congestion in my head
  • Asthma and congestion in my lungs
  • Learned that accident victims who had allergies always had red and inflamed ileocecal valves (found between the small and large intestions) when they were observed during operations
  • Massaged ileocecal hand and foot reflex points
  • Balanced my acupuncture meridian flow lines, strengthened latissimus dorsi (spleen meridian)  with spinal reflex point brought relief
June 9, 2011
  • Suspect that my body is not assimilating vitamine C (very common allergy) which is the recommended supplement when lung acupuncture meridian is weak
  • Massaged ileocecal valve area, hand and foot reflexes for ileocecal valve to help prepare my body for acerola vitamin C tablets
  • Took 3 vitamin C tablets
  • Massaged lung neurolymphatics which cleared the lungs but needed to be done often thoughout the day
  • Balanced my acupuncture meridian flow lines by strengthening supraspinatus (central meridian) and gluteus medius (circulation/x meridian) with neurovascular points which brought the best longer term relief for the day
  • Took 2 nettle leaf capsules before bed and again in the middle of the night
June 10, 2011
  • Balanced my acupuncture meridian flow lines by strengthening Supraspinatus (central meridian) Teres Major (governing meridian) and Anterior Serratus (lung meridian)
  • Massaged ileocecal valve
  • Massaged kidney meridian points 19 and 24 for Soleus Medial Tendon (for Parathyroid)
  • Massaged entire Soleus Medial Tendon muscle (for hay fever, asthma, allergy to grasses, pollens and flowers) which was very, very sore, Ouch!
June 11, 2011
  • Balanced my acupuncture meridian flow lines by strengthening Supraspinatus (central meridian) and Gluteus Medius (circulation/sx meridian) with neurolymphatic points for relief
June 12, 2011
  • Outside throwing a beach ball around with my family
  • Chest and lungs began to feel tight
  • Lots of hacking and painful coughing
  • Ran around the trampoline about half a dozen times which really opened my lungs and after clearing my lungs with a few productive coughs could breath easily and much more deeply
June 13, 2011
  • Spent the day sewing and didn't stop to do a balance all day
  • Ran before bed to relieve asthma which worked great
  • Could not get to sleep till midnight - thinking that maybe too much adrenalin was released from running
June 15, 2011
  • Made sure I did a balance in the morning, strengthened Supraspinatus (central) spinal reflex and Gluteus muscles (circulation/sx) acupuncture meridian
  • Felt great most of the day
  • Swept garage and after 15 minutes, nose started to run and throat became itchy
  • Immediately came in the house and did a balance, corrected weak Supraspinatus (central) spinal reflex and Pectoralis Major Sternal and Rhomboids (liver) meridian neurolymphatic points
  • Symptoms subsided in about 10 minutes
  • Watched my sons baseball game with no asthma problems
  • Learned that cortisol release in the body controls inflammation and helps control blood sugar - maybe it is cortisol that was released when running that helped my asthma