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Allergy and Asthma Ailments

UPDATED March 2015

NES Health MiHealth PEMF/Microcurrent 

Finally Long Lasting Asthma Relief 

The NES Health MiHealth PEMF/Microcurrent device has many settings to support the lungs.  Here is a list of my favorites that have created the corrections needed so that I rarely have asthma anymore

NES Health MiHealth PEMF/Microcurrent Device
 Energetic Rejuvenators (ER's) for Lung Support:
ER 68 Acoustic Nerve
ER 03 Bronchial (L/R) 
ER 66 Bronchial Mucosa
ER 37 Heart
ER 02 Large Intestine
ER 38 Larynx
ER 70 Larynx Mucosa
ER 06 Lungs L/R
ER 40 Paranasal Sinus

Running miHealth ER 6 Lungs setting for about 10-15 minutes near my lungs,  does a phenomenal job of balancing the energy in my lungs.  Fantastic to help clear any inflammation!

The MiHealth Heart Energetic Rejuvenator is a high priority for balancing energy and the Lung Acupuncture Meridian pathway flows into the Large Intestine Acupuncture Meridian pathway so it is part of the key to balancing the lungs.

The miHealth Acute Balance setting is another favorite if there is pressure in my lungs and they feel tight; fantastic to help clear any inflammation!

My Asthma History

 Extreme Fatigue Caused by Congestion and Difficulty Breathing

• Sinus congestion
• Unable to breathe through the nose

• Worse certain times of the year

• Asthma when running or laughing hard
• Chronic stuffy and runny nose

• Seasonal allergies made congestion worse and caused asthma

• I tried a lot of different herbs and also sinus rinsing which brought some relief but no lasting relief and prevention of symptoms

• Discovered nettle leaf tea or capsules prevented congestion reaction to seasonal allergies

• Cold winter air made me cough every time I would go outside
• Asthma all year, instead of just in the spring and fall

Winter, 2009
• Asthma and coughing most nights when I would lay down in bed
• Used massager and heat to help clear lungs so I could sleep

Spring, 2010
• I was so tired of not being able to get to sleep at night because of the coughing that I turned to learning how to balance my energy and releasing energetic blockages.
• The technique caused some coughing but it cleared my lungs and I was able to get to sleep!!

• Tight muscles in my chest and shoulder areas; may contribute to asthma issues.
• The good news is that balancing the energy continues to relieve symptoms.

• Went to the doctor because of terrible pain in my shoulder and discovered 2 torn rotator cuff tendons.
• Doctor wanted to do surgery and I opted to try physical therapy which helped greatly.
• Physical therapist did an NES Health scan and used the miHealth for my shoulder pain.
• Purchased miHealth to use at home because I found that periodically my shoulder would start to hurt again and the miHealth would relieve pain and restore mobility.
• I found great relief from using many of the miHealth settings for my asthma.  Woohoo!!