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NES Health Body Field Scan for Gluten Sensitivity

NES Health Infoceuticals

Body-Field Therapy for Gluten-Induced Eczema

In this brief investigation of bioenergetic and bio-informational health, a client talks about her experience with NES therapy in her own words. Names are omitted to protect privacy.

As context, the mother brought her daughter in to see an NES practitioner to explore if bioenergetics scanning and therapy would help with eczema that was suspected of being caused by intolerance to gluten. Mother provided her daughter’s medical history, and then I discuss the bioenergetics of her therapy.

Seeking help for a Sick Child with Gluten Sensitivity

The mother wrote about her daughter:

“She was severely jaundiced at birth- hospitalized for four days, then send home on the phototherapy. As an infant, she had an excess of spitting up and often seemed uncomfortable. Since then, I suspected some type of intolerance. Once she was a toddler, eczema developed. We were told to treat eczema, but there was nothing we could do to prevent it and she would eventually outgrow it. When she turned five, I took a chance and removed gluten from her diet. Within one day, eczema appeared better, and by three days it was noticeably improved. After 30 days of no eczema flare up (and) being off gluten, we reintroduced it (gluten). Within 30 hours she had her most severe flare up, which affected much more of her body than ever before. We then repeated the trial, with eczema disappearing, the reappearing strongly once gluten was reintroduced.

“She stayed gluten free for the first round of her NES protocol, and eczema continued to disappear more and more. After 30 days, she was rescanned to find that the Body-Field distortions that had shown on the first scan were balanced, so we wanted to reintroduce the gluten again. We did, and have yet to see a return of eczema.”

While conventional medicine could not help this child, NES Body-Field therapy did. How does that therapy work? Let’s take a look at some of this child’s NES scans and what they revealed.

Healing Energy the NES way 

According to Peter Fraser, whose research of the Body-Field led to the creation of NES therapy, each structure of the Body-Field correlates to an aspect of the body, and in fact, regulates specific processes in the physical body. The Body-Field as a whole controls the body much like the software of a computer determines what the hardware can do. Blockages or distortion of energy or information in the Body-Field, if not addressed, can over time show up as physical symptoms and illness.

The NES Provision is able to detect distortions in the Body-Field to great levels of detail. The NES Infoceuticals are then used to provide the information to correct the Body-Field distortions that are prioritized for attention.

Energetic Driver Recommendations on NES Scan 

NES Health Scan
Energetic Driver Screen  in NES Health Body Field Scan

On this young girl’s first scan, the primary distortions in her Body-Field were mainly in two of the “energetic drivers” (ED’s) which provide energy to organs so they can work properly. When the Driver field to an organ is distorted, the organ does not have adequate energy to work as nature intended it to do. The two EDs that were most distorted were the Skin Driver field (ED10) and the Spleen Driver field (ED14).  Both showed in the “red” range, which indicated a severe distortion that should be addressed immediately.

The Skin Driver (ED10) correlates with epithelial cells and mucous membranes, including the mucous membranes of the intestines, so this distortion was directly correlated to this child’s symptoms.

Likewise, the other severe distortion was directly correlated as well: the Spleen Driver (ED14) relates bioenergetically to acquired immunity and antibody production, and to the functions of both the spleen and thymus.

Energetic Integrators Recommendations on NES Scan

The Body-Field also has information channels, rather like meridians, that in NES are called “energetic integrators” (EIs). The EI in which there was evidence of distortion was EI8, which correlates to an aspect of the liver field, and which, of course, is linked bioenergetically to detoxification. When an EI is distorted, information cannot flow properly from the Body-Field to the physical body and so the physical process controlled by that EI can become impeded. I also noticed bioenergetic distortions in EI7 which correlates to the small intestine, although this distortion was not as severe as the others.

Other Recommendations from NES Health Body Field Scan

The NES scan reveals hundreds of correlations between the Body-Field and the body, with one of the screens covering the bioenergetic status of nutritional processes. A distortion on this screen does not mean an actual nutritional deficiency but indicates that the body cannot use nutrients properly or has some other functional deficiency that is related to nutrition. On this screen, the “gluten sensitivity” reading also showed in the severe range.

Recommendations Protocol Followed

So, what we had in this first scan was a clear constellation of bioenergetic distortions that dovetailed with this girl’s problems. The infoceutical I chose to use in her first protocol addressed the three main Body-Field distortions of ED10 and ED14, and EI8.

Follow-Up NES Health Body Field Scan

Upon follow up the new scan showed that there were no longer distortions in these three areas of the Body-Field. This finding gave us the confidence to see how this child would tolerate gluten, and so her mother began to reintroduce it into her diet. As her mother wrote above, her daughter did not break out with eczema. Her intolerance to gluten appeared to have been taken care of with only one NES protocol.

Continued Relief from Gluten-Induced Eczema

I am happy to report that now, three months later, the child continues to have no problems eating foods containing gluten and remains free of eczema. To sum up this anecdotal case, both the parents and I are happy with the outcome and with the idea of helping the body to heal itself in a natural and non-invasive way.

Gluten Sensitivity was Determined by Symptom

I want to mention that in this case there was no indication via conventional diagnosis of the celiac disease, which is the extreme form of gluten intolerance. In most cases of eczema, there may be no identifiable offending substance. That gluten was suspected to be the problem with this child came about only because of the diligence of her parents, who used the process of elimination and careful observation to identify the culprit. While we cannot prove a direct cause-effective relationship, the clinical response suggests that there was one.

(Shared by a Certified NES Practitioner and ND)