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NES Health Scan Lungs and Emotions

Primary Focus ER6 Lung on NES Health MiHealth PEMF Device

The primary focus for ER6 Lung is the heart and the lungs, oxygen exchange, and the emotional connection to breathing. The Infoceutical helps to optimize energy flow along this pathway and to all the components that are contained within it, helping to clear and correct any energy blocks and incoherent messages along the way.

Energetic Links to the following:
Cardiac tissue and heart function
Lung tissue and heart/lung interaction

Emotions: charisma, self-confidence, self-esteem, uplifted, integrity, dignity, grief, depression, false pride/humility, tolerance/intolerance, delusion/reality, head/heart conflict.
Emotions. This Integrator reveals the emotional connection to breathing. We hold the breath when we are stressed; conversely breathing deeply and slowly is a great way to release stress. It’s common to hold emotions in the chest area, particularly feelings of grief and loss. Frequent sighing may indicate a need to release emotions that we have buried here. The lungs represent our ability to take in, not just the breath that vitalizes our body, but also the consciousness, the inspiration, that feeds our mind and spirit too. With shallow and restricted breathing we can cut ourselves off from this. The heart creates and recreates an energy field for the entire body with each heartbeat. It is the source of our identity and, as the seat of our emotions, how we feel about ourselves. The Infoceutical can help with a number of emotional issues, particularly around issues of self-esteem and how we value and respect ourselves and others. Head and heart conflicts may also show themselves here.

Hormones: estradiol, estrone, pregnenolone. Damaged by: organophosphates, pesticides, parasites.

Emotions associated with ER5, ER6, ER7, ER8, ER9, ER52, ER54:

Body/mind associations suggest it represents our emotional balance.  Problems may be due to taking everything to the heart or being too serious or if there is a lack of love for ourselves or a relationship that caused heartbreak.  Consistently putting others needs before our own is another factor. Lungs, in particular, represent our capacity to give and receive.  Problems can be associated with a lack of trust, resulting in fear of taking in life, being suffocated or fear of living life to full.  Sadness and depression are also associated with the lungs.   There is a link with insecurity about the future and an unconscious fear for the loss of material abundance and unconscious guilt for having material possessions. Financial worries or the thought that we are not capable of meeting our financial responsibilities linked to a lack of self-confidence may cause issues.  Sciatic pain is related and can be a sign that our way of thinking is causing us pain particularly around guilt and a need to punish yourself.  Problems also may arise when we have the attitude that we need someone else to take care of our needs for us.  We may subconsciously feel guilty for 'sitting around' letting someone else control our lives.  This problem may arise due to a lack of confidence in our own ability.

The Power of Your Mind

Rewrite Your Script

Feed Your Mind Healing Thoughts

Don't underestimate the power of your mind. Your brain and nervous system want to feel safe. If your mind doesn't feel safe, your body chemistry will produce many stress hormones to try to remedy what it feels is a real situation. Your energetic organ systems and your biochemistry are greatly influenced by the truths your mind believes.  How can you help your peace of mind?  Refocus your thoughts and create a feeling of safety and wellbeing to help prevent a cascade of ill effects (stress).

Thoughts to Support Lung Energetic Organ System

It is ok for me to express myself freely and joyously. I speak up for myself with ease.
I am expanding into a free and secure state where I am easily able to cope.
I approve of myself and open my heart to the values of others.I am at peace with my own feelings, feel safe where I am, and create my own security.

NES Health Energetic Rejuvenator MiHealth Settings
The Energetic Rejuvenator settings on the NES Health MiHealth Pulsed Electromagnetic Field/Micro-current device open blocked pathways in the acupuncture meridian system in order to improve communication throughout the body.
NES Health Infoceutical Drops
Energetic Driver 7 (ED7) Lung Infoceutical helps to correct breathing issues, oxygenate the tissues, drive metabolism and improve energy production. It can help the entire body to breathe, increasing movement and vitality in the tissues. By helping you to feel more vitalised it can help you to feel more inspired too. It can improve mental clarity and sharpness and, by connecting you with your breath, can help to further meditative and higher consciousness practices.
Energetic Integrator 2 (EI) Heart/Lung Infoceutical governs the circulation of energy and information through the chest cavity and the heart and the lungs.