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Emotions and the Mind, Health and Organ Systems


NES Health Body Field Scan
Energy Screen
NES Health MiHealth Pulse Electromagnetic Field/Microcurrent Device

The Energy Screen on an NES Health scan includes the Energetic Rejuvenator (ER) points that can be used to clear blockages in the communication pathways.

NES Health Scan

Clicking on ER29 Liver, other ER points associated with the liver show up on the screen.  The acupuncture meridian pathway is highlighted in blue.  Pain or discomfort can occur anywhere along the pathway in addition to the organ system where there are energetic blockages.  

Liver Emotions
The liver helps us keep the body free of toxins and relates to living a healthy, happy life. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the liver is associated with excess or repressed anger, rage, resentment, frustration and irritability. These emotions can be thought of as being stored in the liver rather than being expressed in a healthy way, possibly leading to depression and bitterness.

Emotions for ER5, ER30, ER31, ER32, ER53, ER65 related to the liver energetic rejuvenator:

  • Emotional balance or being centered.  Imbalance can occur from taking everything to the heart (being too serious), a lack of love for ourselves or heartbreak, always putting others needs before our own.
  • Not wanting to 'see' what is going on in a particular situation.
  • When we are grounded, we are sure of ourselves, able to move forward with confidence.  An imbalance may show up as an issue comes up in which we feel reluctant to move forward or the perception that something (or someone) is impeding our progress.

The Power of Your Mind

Rewrite Your Script and Feed Your Mind Healing Thoughts

Don't underestimate the power of your mind. Your brain and nervous system want to feel safe. If your mind doesn't feel safe, your body chemistry will produce many stress hormones to try to remedy what it feels is a real situation. Your energetic organ systems and your biochemistry are greatly influenced by the truths your mind believes.  How can you help your peace of mind?  Refocus your thoughts and create a feeling of safety and wellbeing to help prevent a cascade of ill effects (stress).

The following thoughts for the liver and associated energetic rejuvenators will support the energetic organ system of the liver:

  • All the nourishment I need is abundantly found all around me.
  • I am expanding into a free and secure state where I am easily able to cope.
  • The world provides a safe haven for me to reside in and grow. 
  • I am at peace with my own feelings, feel safe where I am and create my own security.
  • The opportunities to freely move through life readily come to me.

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