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The Forgiveness Factor

Living in what I call a "fight or flight" world, we sometimes must deal with an overstressed and less than peaceful person (or 2) throughout our day.  It may be difficult to stay grounded when in the presence of another, especially if they are trying to unload their "stuff" (or the blame for their stuff) on us.  Combine that with being indoors where there are many times so few electrons makes it even more difficult to stay grounded.  We may even take on their emotions or our own negative emotions in a defensive reaction.

This is a big deal because I have learned through the many Touch for Health-related classes I have taken that our emotions affect our well-being and health in a much grander way than I ever imaged.  Did you know that specific emotions make a kind of "imprint" on certain organs?  I know through doing balances for others that specific emotions definitely can create an imbalance in acupuncture meridian flow and each meridian is associated with an organ.

I have tried changing my thought pattern from "stating it like it is" to "stating it like I would like it to be" through creating my own story in my head in order to stay grounded.  Not a bad idea since our body does tend to believe what it hears from our thoughts in our brain (within reason).  However, I have since realized that is it really much more simple than that. 

The Forgiveness Factor: 

We are meant to love.  Let's just say that love is at the beginning (of life and joy) and anything moving away from that is emotionally detrimental and thus not conducive to health and well-being nor staying grounded. 

The greatest tool I have learned to help me in my endeavor to love is to automatically go into "forgiveness mode" in my thoughts.  It does not have to be complicated with a lot of words; the important thing is that it becomes automatic.  This does take some practice and you may need to create a physical reminder or note to prompt your mind.  Believe me, when you encounter a being who drains you and even puts you into defensive mode, it will be difficult for your mind to remember what to do. 

Here is what I do:
  1. I simply repeat in my mind several times, "I forgive you".  
  2. Then I move on to repeat in my mind, "I forgive me"
    • I know that many times my trouble is from not forgiving myself and having someone who wants to blame me will add to this problem so this is very helpful. 
  3. Finally, I repeat in my mind several times, "I love you" and I might add, "I love, I love, I love". 
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 as much as needed and as often as possible.
Fill your mind with these thoughts as often as possible.  Most faiths teach forgiveness and love but I think we highly underestimate the power of feeling forgiveness and love.

If you are not grounded, it will help to do the following while filling your thoughts with the above statements:
  • Hold the "Emotional Stress Release" (ESR) points found on your forehead with one hand and the base of the back of your skull with your other hand. 

Many times I have held my ESR points in public without anyone knowing what I was doing.  When sitting in a meeting, it is very easy to lean on the arm of a chair with one hand on your forehead without much notice from others.  Our hand will tend to automatically want to hold our ESR points when we are extremely stressed. 

Going into "forgiveness mode" has been a huge factor in reducing my stress level.  It is not so much what others do but how I internalize what they do that determines my stress level. 

A quick and very effective way to relieve stress, find hope and forgiveness is by taking the NES Health Infoceutical called ESR (Emotional Stress Release).  It can bring relief within 30 minutes and calm stress.

Forgiveness Mode = Less  Stress

Have a Lovely Hands On Healthy Day Filled with Foregiveness,