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Exposure to Negative Ions is Recommended as a form of treatment for:

©      The serotonin irritation syndrome which is characterized by anxiety, headaches, palpitations, and insomnia.
©      Asthma
©      Allergies
©      Hay-Fever
©      Skin Rashes
©      Sinus Inflammation
©      Depression
©      Headaches and mood swings of the female cycle
©      Reproductive issues

Excess serotonin inhibits the flow of information in the brain, interfering with the ability to learn.  Exposure to negative ions increases processing ability response between the hemispheres) in learning-disabled children.  Ionizers have been used in hospitals to speed up healing and relieve pain throughout Europe, Japan, and the former Soviet Union for many years… Unfortunately, a deficiency of negative ions is a feature of urban living.  Electromagnetic fields from appliances, static electricity from synthetic fibers and air that is conditioned indoors or polluted by chemicals outdoors all serve to deplete negative air ions and alter the body’s chemistry.

Principles of Orthomolecularism by R.A.S. Hemat 

I will be sharing just how simple it is to increase your exposure to negative ions that will neutralize the positive ions that create inflammation in the body.

NES Health MiHealth PEMF/Microcurrent device and Infoceuticals help to calm the energy of the brain and body.

Have a hands-on-healthy day!