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    Increase Energy,  Calm Stress, Harmonize Emotions

  • NES Health

    Body Field Scans

    Bioenergetics, The Transformation of Energy in Living Organisms

    Improve the Master Control of Biochemical Processes

  • Infoceuticals & MiHealth


    Infoceutical Drops

    MiHealth Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and Microcurrent Therapy

    Give Your Body Energy and Information on a Bioenergetic Level


NES Health MiHealth
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NES Health "Feel Good" Infoceuticals

NES Health Infoceuticals help to increase energy and improve information pathway energy balance.  Directions: Add 9 or 15 drops to 3 oz. of water and drink it all.  To increase the effect, increase to 28 drops.  Do not exceed 6 Infoceuticals at one time.

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