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Muscle Building

Please be sure to stretch before doing any type of exercise.  Consult your doctor if you have any health issues.

I do have several different hand weights because individual muscles have a different maximum weight they are capable of handling in accordance with which exercise I am doing.  For instance, when I do regular squats, I use 20 lbs. in each hand but I use 10 lbs. when doing step-ups onto a chair.  When I do bicep curls I can use 10 lbs. but when I do the arm pull-up exercise I can use 20 lbs. When I began muscle building, all of the weights I used were much lighter.

As the weight I needed increased, I eventually bought a set I could add weights to but I still need the smaller weights for certain exercises.  Since I rotate through the exercises and repeat 3-4 times, it really slows down the process if I have to add and remove weights so I like having several different sizes. When I need a heavier weight for the larger muscles, I can just add to my heaviest set.

Have a hands-on healthy and safe day!