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Aerobic Bursting for Best Metabolism Benefit

Bursting Method:
1) Run as fast as you can for 30 seconds.
2) Recover for at least 2 minutes (at first it may take 3-5 minutes to recover).
3) Repeat above steps 3 more times.

When you do endurance exercise as when you do 30 minutes or more steady state training, running, walking, biking, swimming of moderate or higher intensity, you create oxidative stress. It lowers your immune system. Marathon runners have a much lower immune system for some time after running a marathon.

Through the science of exercise endocrinology they have learned that the fuel substrate that your body uses primarily during exercise is the one that is stored back after exercise. If you use more fat during exercise then your body will want to store that fat back on after exercise. Also, if you do something more intense that uses more carbohydrates during exercise, your body will store more carbohydrates back into your muscles and burn more fat after exercising.

Stress hormones shrink the hippocampus that affects the brain and memory. It is important to be careful not to create a stress through exercising. Endurance training is very stressful on adrenal glands. However, doing short intervals of intense exercise and then resting for at least twice as long, is beneficial for adrenals. This method of exercise works with your sympathetic nervous system and helps teach your body how to handle stress better. It is still beneficial for increased circulation and for the brain and heart.

Doing aerobic exercise in short, intense burst with recovery time between intervals helps to raise growth hormone. Human growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland, which gets its signals straight from the brain. As such, human growth hormone is said to be able to improve the functions of the brain, by affecting some of the proteins produced there. In addition, human growth hormone can stimulate the repair and rejuvenation of neurons in the brain. Everything from memory, to learning ability, to intelligence can benefit from human growth hormone. It also can also protect cells all throughout the body. Where some antioxidants remove oxygen from cells but keep certain destructive enzymes, human growth hormone can act directly on these proteases, keeping them from damaging the cells. Not only that, but human growth hormone is widely accepted as being able to build and retain muscle mass. This includes increasing stamina, strength, and even endurance.