Calming Stress Quickly

Holding the Neurovascular Points found on the face and scalp, increases the blood flow to specific organs in the body which has a positive affect on those organ's functions.  They were discovered by Dr. Terence Bennett in the 1930's.  Bennett was able to observe these findings by touching various points and seeing the reaction it caused under x-ray fluoroscope and he spent countless hours recording his points and findings.  Unfortunately for Bennett, his research took his life when he passed away from radiation poisoning.

We are blessed to have this information that we can use for our own health benefits.  Here is a chart of the Neurovascular Points and what organs they affect.

One of the most beneficial ways we can use the Neurovascular points is to calm our bodies stress response.  In the fight or flight response to stress, blood leaves the head and goes to the arms to fight or to the legs for flight.  This has a negative affect on the brain and interrupts the thinking process.  Putting both thumbs on the triple warmer points in front of the ears and resting the pads of all fingers on the forehead brings blood to your head and calms the reaction to stress. 

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