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Depression and NES Health Emotional Stress Release Drops

Last night I shared my Emotional Stress Release (ESR) drops with my loved one suffering from depression.  Wow, what a difference today. This person was in a much better mood today and even animated making silly noises at the dinner table this evening.  I know that sounds funny but I think if this person was a singer that I would have heard some notes come out.  This person has been so solemn and quiet it was a startling difference.  I thought all the quiet and seriousness was a personality thing but now I am thinking it very well may have been related to stress and all it's effects on this person's way of thinking.
I just had to share.  I am so happy for my dear loved one and kindred spirit!
Have a hap-hap happy Hands-On Healthy weekend, Joy

I have been asked where to purchase the ESR drops so I am including a link here:

The ESR drops are part of the "Feel Good" infoceuticals so they are available to purchase without having a NES …
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The Power of Balance with a Simple Technique

I just have to share the profound effect of using circuits in a new way.  Last month I was feeling very ill with a lot, a very lot, of pressure in my head.  I felt a lot of pressure in my ears but it didn't feel like an inner ear infection, just a lot of pressure on the outside of my ears and my skull.  My husband is a good sport and I asked him if he would be a circuit to help move some of this energy out of my head. He sat in a chair and I sat on a pillow on the floor in front of him.  I decided to have him hold each of my ears with each of his hands.  He put a finger inside the front of each ear and a thumb on the back of each ear directly behind where his fingers were placed.  I did not want to feel anymore pressure so I asked him to be gentle and not use any pressure at all.  
Within a few minutes I could feel the tension in my shoulders lessen and my neck felt much more relaxed.  We continued for about 15-20 minutes and I think I had worn out my welcome so I got up. My nec…

Grounding and Emotional Stress Release to the Rescue

I just have to give a shout out for grounding and the NES Health drops called Emotional Stress Release (ESR).  I have been trying to help a loved one who has been extremely depressed and had thoughts of suicide.  Wanting to help and be there for a person in such a state can take a toll on a caregiver.  One day after trying to help and beginning to get a headache, I went into the yard and relaxed in the grass. I was surprised how quickly I was feeling ready to get up and face things again.
It can be a very rocky road and just when you think things may be getting better another stumbling block happens and the worry and concern skyrocket again.  Sometimes that has meant my being up most of the night and the worry has sent me into a fight or flight response on more than one occasion. Most recently as I tried to figure out how to help this loved one, I felt overwhelmed with the feeling of helplessness and out of desperation reached for some ESR drops.  After taking the highest amount of dr…

Grounding on the Go for your Health

Vibes-Up special: Buy 4 for the price of 1 LINK: Vibes-Up mats and more (see 4 for 1 earth mat special on left column at above link)I placed a large Vibes-up mat under my cotton sheets on my bed and I am really enjoying the rest while I sleep and the energy I feel in the morning.  How great it is to have all the beneficial effects of electrons even when it is not possible to get outside for the day or when I am traveling!
Here are a few hints I have discovered while using the Vibes-Up products:
Pain and congestion can be a sign of too much energy so sometimes it helps to use the products away from the pain.
I have learned that the key to well-being is balance of acupuncture meridian pathways and the energy throughout the body so using the products on more than one part of the body helps to balance the increased energy. 
For example, when I use a grounding pad (cut to fit) in my shoes I also wear a bracelet on my wrist.  I have had some cramps in my legs when I just…

Grounding for Anemia Disorder

I would like to share with you health improvements that were experienced by using grounding  to correct hemoglobin levels. One Man's Anemia Disorder and Grounding “For the first 60+ years of my life, I was constantly bedeviled by a condition I never knew a name for, except for ‘anemia.’  I always had low hemoglobin, most often marginal (just above the low ‘limit’ of 10 grams per deciliter).  When I lived with my grandfather, Dr. Max Gerson, during the school week, he tried to boost my blood by giving me daily doses of raw calf liver juice (it is just what you might imagine).  This was not my favorite part of childhood. “I never was really into sports, although my physique might have suggested I would be good at them.  I simply didn’t have the stamina to run up and down a soccer field, a basketball court, or sustain constant physical output.  So I became a bookworm, living much of my life in my head, reading incessantly, doing things that didn’t require a lot of exertion. “As an ad…

Why Hands-On Healthy?

Why Hands-On Healthy? I would like to explain why I chose "Hands-On Healthy".  When I first tried tapping acupuncture meridian ends and found that my asthma was calmed after about 15 minutes and I was relaxed and able to go to sleep, I wanted to understand why it worked so well.  My asthma had gotten so bad that I could not tolerate the cold air when I went outside.  Since it was winter in Michigan, that became a huge problem and I had to cover my mouth when I would go outside to prevent horrific and uncomfortable coughing.  Also, I started to have a problem with coughing when I would go to bed which was very disturbing and I would have to use a heat and vibration on my lungs in order to be able to sleep.
In my search for understanding why the tapping worked so well, I was blessed to be able to attend 2 "Touch for Health" courses being given within an hour from my home.  The course is not offered near me very often and it was going to happen within a few weeks (wh…

Your Brain and DHA

Here is some grand information about how important docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is and the benefits of keeping levels up.

DHA in the cell membranes
•Converts light into electric current and vice versa in the cell membranes, Sixty percent of your brain is fat. DHA alone makes up about 15 percent to 20 percent of your brain's cerebral cortex, as well as 30 percent to 60 percent of your retina, making it an essential nutrient for both brain and eye health. •Important, stress studies show that the lower the DHA level, the higher the stress level.

•DHA polarizes in a magnetic field, and becomes semi-conductor that will only allow electrons to pass at a specific energy level to contribute or control the depolarization. We need this in our brain.

To learn more you can read a book by Robert Abel, Jr., MD, The DHA Story: How Nature’s Super Nutrient Can Save Your Life

Some of this information came from Michael A. Crawford, Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition, UK

      Have a Hands-On …