Light and Leptin, A Master Hormone

We have talked about the benefits of morning light through the retina signaling
our brain to wake-up while also signaling our anterior pituitary gland and circadian
rhythm.  Light through the retina also goes past the pituitary gland to the
hypothalamus affecting our leptin receptor.

Why is Leptin so important?

Leptin tells our brain when we are full.  If we are leptin resistant, we never feel
full and so we think we need to always fill our "tank" by eating.

The report linked to below tells us that "food intake is regulated via neural circuits
located in the hypothalamus...Absence of circulating, functionally active, leptin
hormone results in obesity..."

Control of food intake via leptin receptors in the hypothalamus:

Leptin is a master hormone which also impacts immune function and fertility:

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UPDATE: Checking in with how well my weight loss is going.  I just returned from a 2 week vacation and family reunion.  All and all with the compromises I had to make as far as what I ate while traveling, I am happy with the results; I gained a couple pounds.  However, as soon as I returned I got right back to my regularly scheduled program and lost those 2 pounds and another within a few days.  I am sure that being at the beach, setting my eye clock every day, getting lots of sunlight and drinking lots of water were a great help.

Now that I have been home for a couple weeks, I have lost more weight.  My total thus far is 17 pounds.  

How We Get Energy from the Food We Eat

Today I would like to share some great information about what food eventually breaks down to in the body.  In my anatomy and physiology class and in every text book it teaches that the input to the mitochondria is called Electron Transport Chain.  In other words, our food is eventually broken down into electrons.  Please let me repeat that because it may cause a change in how you think about food, diet, health and yes, weight loss.  I know it did for me:  

The Energy from our Food is Eventually Transferred in the Form of Electrons 
Why is that so important?

In previous posts, I have shared information about grounding and increasing electrons for better health.  The fact that food becomes an electron in the body, changes the way I look at my own diet. Being outside in the sunlight, connecting with the earth with bare feet or leather souls increases the electrons in our body. The more we increase those electrons in our body, the less we need electrons from food.  Wow!  Now there is something to think about.  This may sound crazy but I have found this to be true.  The healthy fats I eat help me to feel full but I have found that when I do more grounding outside and get more sunlight, I feel less hunger throughout the day so I eat less.

There is even more to this story...

If we want to increase the electrons in our body, it is important to be hydrated.  If we think in terms of charging up our body with electrons, photons from the sun are a source of electrons through the spectrum of light that comes from the sun and hits our skin.  If we want our body to use and hold those electrons (kind of like a battery), our body needs to be hydrated.  I drink plenty of spring water that I put in my VibesUP stainless steel grounding bottle.

If you would like to read more about the Electron Transport System:

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The Wonderful Benefits

One of my favorite things about giving up sugar is mind clarity and focus.  Oh, and a close second favorite thing about not eating sugar is that I no longer have seasonal allergies! 

As far as the mind clarity, it has made it so much easier for me to notice when something I eat is causing a problem.  I can easily tell if a food is causing inflammation so that I can remove it from my diet right away to prevent those issues.  I have removed grains for now because I could tell it negatively affected my blood sugar levels and left me feeling like a slug.  The exhaustion was not worth it to me and it was just not helping my hormonal balance.  Hormonal balance is my goal and low blood sugar and inflammation are signs that it’s just not happening.

Changes I have made include:

Foods I Eat
  • Plenty of coconut oil to prevent sugar cravings
  • Fish to increase DHA levels
  • Grass fed beef to increase DHA levels
  • Cooking with Ghee sometimes (melt butter until milk solids dissipate)
  • Seasonal foods from my garden (black raspberries grew spontaneously; a Michigan surprise!)
    • Spinach
    • Strawberries
    • Zucchini
    • Wild Black Raspberries
  • Drinking plenty of water

Things I do
  • Setting circadian rhythm by looking toward the sun within 30 minutes of getting out of bed
  • Eating breakfast with plenty of protein and fat within 30 minutes of getting out of bed
  • Getting some sun to help balance hormones and increase vitamin D 
    • Start with 10 minutes at a time and increase 5 at a time and do what is comfortable for you; please listen to your body
    • Do not let your skin burn but do not use sunscreen
  • Avoiding screens (blue light) within 1 hour before bedtime (keeps brain awake)
  • Since it is summertime, I rarely turn on the man-made lights in my house (interferes with hormonal balance and DHA levels)
  • As much grounding as I can by putting my feet in the grass 

Benefits I have noticed:

  • No more anxiety
  • Plenty of happiness
  • No more seasonal allergies
  • Weight loss of about 1 pound per week (over 10 pounds so far)
  • Major sleep changes
    • Each evening my body tells me when it is time to sleep
    • I go to sleep within minutes of  lying down (fantastic change for me)
    • I sleep deeply and have long dreams (a good sign of great cellular repair)
    • I wake up only 1 time during the night (nature callsJ) and I go right back to sleep
  • When I wake up in the morning I am refreshed and ready to get up
  • I have plenty of energy all day long

Hands-On Healthy tip:

Begin by eating small amounts of fat at one time to help prevent digestive issues.  You can start with 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil and slowly increase to 1-3 teaspoons at a time.  Certain foods, such as hydrogenated fats have negative effects on the liver if they have been eaten in the past.  The liver will need to improve as time goes on.

Eating fat with your vegetables can help prevent nausea that may occur if you eat fat alone.  If you have any discomfort when eating fats, it is helpful to very gently massage near your gallbladder.  The gallbladder stores bile that the liver produces which helps to digest fats.  The gallbladder is behind the ribs on the right side of the body.  Gently tuck your fingers under your ribs on your right side and gently massage (do not massage under the sternum in the center).  Neuro lymphatic reflex points for small intestine are under the ribs on both sides so you can massage under the left rib also if you would like.

Have a Hands-On Healthy day.  Please pass it on.


Good Morning,

Even 2-3 minutes of sunlight photons through the retina can help set your circadian rhythm and improve hormonal balance. I usually do this for about 10 minutes.  It is best to look towards (not directly at) the sun within 30 minutes of getting out of bed in the morning.  This will begin the process of setting your circadian rhythm and give you a great start towards hormonal balance. Photons on the skin are also an important part of hormonal balance so don't be afraid to let the sunshine on the surface of your skin also.

I have an east window in my bedroom that has 2 window panes I can open and lay flat to let the sunlight in.  Here is a video.  It is a little tricky taking a video towards the sun.


When I look out this window, I get very close to the window and I look at the pine tree on the left for a while and then the chestnut tree on the right so the photons can enter the eyes without looking directly at the sun.  I also make sure there is skin exposed to the photons.  Here is a photo through the same window so you can see the trees a little better.

I prefer going outside but when in a pinch, this will do.

Have a Hands-On Healthy, Sunshiny day!

Circadian Rhythm and the Gift of
Hormonal Balance

I am so excited to share some fantastic information with you!  In my quest for hormonal balance I have found a way to better achieve it that is accessible to everyone and very simple and easy to do. I happen to think it is a lot of fun, especially since it rewards me with so many benefits.  This has increased my enjoyment of life even when I am not doing it because it helps to balance my hormones and set my circadian rhythm.

Now without further delay, I present to you my view while doing it today:

Take 15-20 minutes each morning between about 7:15-11:00 a.m. to take in the morning light photons through your eyes.  Try to do this within 30 minutes after you get out of bed (if you get up before the sun, you will have to wait a bit longer; sorry). Look toward the side so you are not looking directly at the sun.  Be sure to not wear any type of glasses or contacts so the sunlight can go through your retina.

Surprise!  The early morning sunlight can help to balance your hormones!

It’s free, it’s easy and it’s fun!

Just 10-15 minutes (even 2-3 minutes should help) each morning and the sunlight can help to balance your hormones by going through your retina to the anterior pituitary gland.  This gland controls all except for 2 of your hormones. 

ADRENALS: The paraventricular nucleus in the hypothalamus of the brain controls the hormones released from your adrenals.  The morning light through the eyes helps the PVN function better by bringing in UV and IR light and helping to set the circadian rhythm. 
Wow!  This is so simple but for many of us it just doesn’t happen.  Hooray! We can fix that and as my daughter would say, "BOOM!", the journey of balancing your hormones begins!  You just have to love this kind of gift that is built right into our existence.

This is also part of the process for a healthy circadian rhythm.  The photoelectric rays from the sun tell your eyes where you are at in your circadian rhythm.  This is one of the most important things your body needs to know in order to be healthy, happy, sleep well and yes, be at your optimal weight.  Sleeping is part of our hormonal cycle and needs to be greatly valued.  Trouble sleeping is one of the first signs that something is off in your hormonal balance.  Setting your circadian rhythm with morning light will help with getting better sleep.

My sleep has been so much better now that I am making sure I eat plenty of coconut oil and DHA and spending time outside taking in the morning light through my eyes.  Not only am I sleeping more but I have long dreams.  Long dreams are a sign that I am having the type of sleep that is great for cellular repair.

Have a Hands-On Healthy day,
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Feeling Safe

Feeling Safe

I would like to address the importance of feeling safe.  I am not talking about circumstances outside of my body but the environment, nourishment and well-being on the inside of my body and mind.  This multi-faceted subject includes many areas but because of the greatly powerful and all-important glands and chemical reactions that affect the body in such a profound way, I will begin with hormonal balance.

HORMONAL BALANCE - The Grand Importance of the Right Fats:  
Our body uses cholesterol to produce hormones.  The cholesterol in our body even plays a part in the production of Vitamin D in our body and other processes.

SWEET CRAVINGS - Including vegetables, grass fed meats and the right fats in my meals has increased the satisfaction I feel after eating so as to eliminate cravings for sweets.  I have found that including more coconut oil in my diet has made it much easier to not crave sweets and simple carbohydrates.  I think we all know that a lot of sweets everyday is not healthy and contributes to insulin resistance which is not good for hormonal balance.

LEG SORENESS - With a diet of vegetables, nourishing fats and organic grass fed meats, I did have some leg soreness occur.  The discomfort could be felt when I tried to sleep so I added cod-liver/butter oil to alleviate that problem.  I now take 1/2 teaspoon, 3 times a day of Green Pasture Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend.  I eat the cinnamon tingle flavor because it masked the cod liver oil quite well.  I keep it in the fridge and scoop out a spoon when it is cold so I can control how much is on my tongue and where it goes.  When the body uses some of it's fat stores for energy, it can create some changes that can be supported by taking cod liver oil.

A CLEAR HEAD, IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE - This type of diet is so great for the brain. First of all the brain is nearly  60% fat and fatty acids are the most crucial molecule for the health and performance of the brain.  I have noticed how much clearer I can think and how much easier it is to focus.  Essential Fatty Acids are involved in the function of the brains neurotransmitters.  I have even surprised myself with some of the things I come up with lately, LOL.

Secondly, I believe I still may have a problem with overgrowth of yeast in my body which like to live in the mucous membranes.  Since eliminating unhealthy simple carbohydrates and including more coconut oil, my sinuses always stay clear.  This could also be because I have eliminated any foods that may cause inflammation in my body.

That brings me to the subject I will address next time: Inflammation and Hormonal Balance