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NES Health Chi and Your Health

Chi and Bioenergetics

Eastern medicine has used energy as the foundation of its healing practices for centuries.

We already know the body is surrounded by fields of energy and also produces its own energy.

One of the names for this energy you may know is “qi” or “chi” from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Nowadays, modern scientific methods – especially the insights gained from quantum physics – are being applied to better understand the body’s energy field and the flow of information that takes place throughout this field.

In reality, all manners of health support may be considered to be energy medicine, since it all alters the energetic makeup of the body. If it does not, it is ineffective. 

As astrophysicist Milo Wolff points out: “Nothing happens in nature without an energy exchange. Communication or acquisition of knowledge of any kind occurs only with an energetic transfer. There are no exceptions.”

This certainly applies to the human body, and the new direction in healthcare is going beyond how cells communicate biochemically to the underlying quantum information fields that organize energy and thus direct physiology.