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NES Health Voice Scans


More About NES Health Voice Scans

Quantum science can be very subtle but is very important.  Albert Einstein put it well when he said: “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.”  Energy fields and frequencies of waves come before atoms and they are the master controller.  Phonons are sound waves and can be measured quite easily.

NES Health is explained at least in part by quantum field theory, where reality as we know it is based on a universal field of non-material waves.

On an everyday level, while fields create and control matter, the movement and interaction of energy or matter creates additional fields.  This is true of the human body, which produces electromagnetic fields, produces sound fields (through the beats of the heart), and more…all of which are part of a unified Human Body Field (HBF) that controls the body’s biochemistry.

Sound is a wonderful example of waves that can be measured.  An NES scan, including a voice scan, uses resonance to compare hundreds of wellness data points very quickly.  Our body interacts with information and energy fields and waves daily but we cannot see it. It is similar to how we can send information from a document on our computer using “wifi waves” to a printer.  When we hear a sound, we are experiencing the impact of waves being transmitted through the air. 

All types of waves can be measured by their amplitude and frequency.  The amplitude measures how tall a wave is the frequency measures how fast a wave is traveling.  There are many different times of brainwaves such as when sleeping or dreaming as opposed to when we are awake or when we are worried or scared. You can learn more here from Speech-Based Emotion Recognition, 2016. The waves that surround us interact with us and each other.  The problem these days is that we have a lot of non-natural waves interfering and causing issues with our biochemistry.

When you send the sound waves of your voice in a recording that is sent to your portal, the software compares many points to see if they resonate.  When 1 tuning fork is hit with a mallet, the tines begin to vibrate.  If there is a 2nd tuning fork with the same pitch nearby, it will begin to vibrate also, without even touching it with the mallet.  It will do this because it resonates with the 1st tuning fork.  In a similar way, the software compares the received energy and information to the parameters it contains.  Chinese medicine is all about correcting the flow of energy and the concentration of energy.  The scan will show where there is a blockage in the flow or a lack of energy, to begin with.  The cool thing about Chinese medicine is that it includes associations with each organ in the body and emotions that are also linked so it opens a whole new world of information about emotions and stress that may be interfering with our energetic health.

Researches have studied the frequency of voice (see Here is a quote from that publication: “We also investigated the Fundamental Frequency of Voice (F0) in interned patients with the following western medicine diagnosis: schizophrenia, kidney failure, and hepatic failure… the Frequency of Voice can be used as a complementary diagnostic tool in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.”

The beauty of an NES Health voice scan is that there is no need for you to purchase a scanner in order to do your scan.  All you need is a cellphone or computer in which you can record your own voice!