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All About NES Health Body-Field Scans

NES Health MiHealth PEMF
NES Health Bioenergetics Wellness System (BWS) Login Screen

What is Bioenergetics

NES Health is the world’s leader in Bioenergetics, which is the study of energy and information in living systems.

What is NES Health

Creators of the Bioenergetics Wellness System which includes a revolutionary biofeedback device called the Mihealth, complete body-field biofeedback assessment, and highly structured mineral water remedies that help to rejuvenate and restore the energy blockages identified by your scan.

What are Infoceutical Drops

Infoceuticals are a much more advanced concept that builds upon homeopathic ideas but in a new novel way. Instead of a negative input (like a diluted plant toxin) we have imprinted the actual quantum information that your body-field needs to coordinate the vast functions required for health. This quantum information comes from our late co-founders work of decoding the body-field and coming up with our map of the optimal blueprint of a body-field.

What is Your Body-Field

What do we mean by Body-Field?  By that, we bring the conversation into a little bit of physics. We all know the wonderful double split experiment that showed light acting as both a particle and a Wave. This birthed a theoretical physical model called Quantum Electrodynamic (QED) Field Theory. Given we are made up of particles; they all have their respected fields which govern their behavior in our reality. As Einstein once elegantly said, the wave is the governing force of the particle. So if you take the combined field of each of the particles that make up your body you’ll have the complete body-field, which one might say, is the governing force for the body.

This body-field is what our scanning software runs 440 different biofeedback markers upon. It then provides you with the highest priority areas of energetic blockages.

Following scan recommendations and utilizing either the Mihealth PEMF device or the Infoceuticals we are able to provide that corrective information back to the body-field; either carried on a PEMF wavelength or imprinting onto the very structure of water and consumed.

Who This Can Help

I would say everyone with a body made up of particles! So this would include pretty much everyone, no matter their struggles. We all have a body-field that can be distorted in today’s high EMF and toxic environments.

Infoceuticals for Your Brain

There are four amazing Infoceuticals called Brain Holograms. They all bio energetically match to different germ layers of the brain and thus the different parts of the brain that where developed from those germ layers. This area of the body-field is where we hold those emotional shocks and conflicts around a variety of different themes. If an Infoceutical comes up as one of your highest priorities it can bio energetically support the rejuvenation and unblocking of an “emotional tape loop” or “emotional oscillation” that may be held within your body-field.

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