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Pulse Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) for your Health

Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic Fields of the Earth

The electromagnetic fields of the earth actually interact with our bodies, including our bones.  There are man-made fields which interfere with that process but there are some preventative things that we can do.  I will share those in another post.  For now, I just have to share this great link that explains how pulse electromagnetic fields (PEMF) can help our body to heal:

Pulse Electromagnetic Fields and How They Heal

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields: How They Heal (By William Pawluk, MD, MSc Board Certified Family Physician and Holistic Health Practitioner; Former Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the University of Maryland Dr Pawluk is the creator of and authoritative informational source on PEMFs.  He has also authored a book, and appeared and consulted for the media, as well as universities conducting research)

NES Health MiHealth

I have used the NES Health MiHealth PEMF/Micro-Current Device for my torn rotator cuff tendons and now I have a full range of motion in my shoulder, absolutely no pain and no surgery was needed.  

The NES Health Bioenergetic Scan tests to see which programs on the MiHealth are needed for the best benefit.  Here is a sample of the recommendation screen from an NES Health Body Field Scan.  The ER's listed next to the picture of the MiHealth are settings on the MiHealth that are used to clear blockages in the acupuncture meridian pathways.

More About PEMF

PubMed has many studies about PEMF; here is a list of just a few issues that it helps

Ø  EMFs are applied for tissue regeneration
Ø  Ability to stimulate cell proliferation and immune functions.
Ø  PEMF are highly influential in the fracture repair process
Ø  Osteoporosis
Ø  Increasing lumbar spinal fusion rates
Ø  Peripheral nerve repair
Ø  Anti-inflammatory effect in microglial cells
Ø  Low-Frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Is Able to Modulate miRNAs in an Experimental Cell Model of Alzheimer's Disease


PubMed study about PEMF treatment after C-section

·   Significantly increased patient satisfaction and decreased:
1.      postsurgical pain
2.      analgesic use
3.      surgical wound discharge
4.      edema

Have a Hands-On Healthy Electromagnetic Day!