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Change a few minutes and change your life!

I have been doing bursting aerobic exercise since last November, 3 days every week. The fact that it takes less than 15 minutes has made it so easy to fit it in to my schedule. At first it would take me 4 or 5 minutes to recover from each 30 second burst of running in place as fast as possible. However, I was surprised how much more quickly my heart rate recovered after just a couple weeks. Since I was bursting only every other day, that means that after just 6 or 7 sessions my recovery time decreased to about 2 minutes.

I love knowing that it is helping my adrenals and not causing a stress response for my body. This is so important because of the role they play during menopause and in relationship to my seasonal and food allergies. This has helped tremendously along with the muscle building routine I do on 3 days of the week, on the days I am not doing my aerobic bursting exercise. Using the most effective way to build muscle the exercises take less than 20 minutes. I will be adding more about that soon.

Update: I am still doing my bursting every week and I am very happy with the improvement. I just love exercise that is so productive and time efficient!!