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    Increase Energy,  Calm Stress, Harmonize Emotions

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    Bioenergetics, The Transformation of Energy in Living Organisms

    Improve the Master Control of Biochemical Processes

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    Give Your Body Energy and Information on a Bioenergetic Level

NES Health Infoceutical Drops

Learn more about NES Health Feel Good Infoceuticals available without having a scan here

The Science Behind Infoceuticals 

Part 1 & Part 2


NES Health Feel Good Infoceuticals

(can be purchased with or without a scan)

Nes Health Scan Bioenergetics
Click on photo for a description of each Feel Good Infoceutical
and how to order

NES Health Infoceuticals Increase Energy and Information Flow

NES Health Infoceuticals help to increase energy and improve the flow of information pathways in the body. 

NES Health Body Field Scan Infoceutical Recommendations 

As part of the NES Health Body Field Scan, the Infoceuticals you need to increase organ energy and balance acupuncture meridian pathways that are blocked will be recommended.  This makes it very easy to know what is needed to balance and increase your energy.

Remote Scans from your Home

Remote Scans: You can do an NES Health scan from your home if you own the NES Health hand scanner or the NES Health MiHealth Pulse Electromagnetic Field device.  After your email is entered into the NES Health portal by one of the NES Health Bioenergetics Practitioners, you will receive an email with your username and password.  After logging into the NES Health portal, you can download the scanning software for free. Learn more here.

Energetic Driver Infoceuticals for Increasing Stored Energy

ED-1 Source
ED-2 Imprinter
ED-3 Cell
ED-4 Nerve
ED-5 Circulation
ED-6 Heart
ED-7 Lung
ED-8 Stomach
ED-9 Muscle
ED-10 Skin
ED-11 Liver
ED-12 Kidney
ED-13 Immunity
ED-14 Spleen
ED-15 Pancreas
ED-16 Bone

Energetic Integrator Infoceuticals for Improving Information Pathways (linked to Acupuncture Meridians)

EI-1 Neurosensory/Colon Meridian
EI-2 Heart/Lung Meridian
EI-3 Mucosae/Small Intestine Meridian
EI-4 Neurotransmitters/Heart Meridian
EI-5 Lymphatics/Bladder Meridian
EI-6 Kidney/Kidney Meridian
EI-7 Blood Field/Gallbladder Meridian
EI-8 Microbes/Liver Meridian
EI 9 Thyroid/Triple Burner Meridian
EI 10 Circulation/Pericardium Meridian
EI 11 Bone Marrow/Stomach Meridian
EI 12 Shock/ Spleen Meridian

Energetic Terrain Infoceuticals 

ET-0 CNS (Central Nervous System)
ET-1 Imu1 (immunity 1)
ET-2 Imu2 (immunity 2)
ET-3 Imu3 (immunity 3)
ET-4 Nrv (Nerves)
ET-5 BSV (Broad Spectrum Virus)
ET-6 CFI (Cold Flu Immunity)
ET-7 CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
ET-8 Nuro (Neurological)
ET-9 Stm (Stomach)
ET-10 Liv1 (liver 1)
ET-11 Liv2 (liver 2)
ET-12 Liv3 (liver 3)
ET-13 Fng (fungus)
ET-14 Bac (bacteria)
ET-15 GET (General Energetic Terrain)

Energetic Star Infoceuticals  

ES-1 Immunity
ES-2 Memory
ES-3 Nerves
ES-4 Triple Cavity
ES-5 Auto-Immune
ES-6 Circulation
ES-7 Muscles
ES-8 Chill
ES-9 Shock - Audio Processing
ES-10 Stress- Video Processing
ES-11 Male
ES-12 Female
ES-13 COH Metabolism
ES-14 Cell Metabolism
ES-15 Heavy Metals

NES Health Infoceuticals help to increase energy and improve information pathways in the body.  Some of the Infoceuticals are categorized as "Feel Good" Infoceuticals and can be taken before having an NES Health scan or in addition to your scan protocol.  These Infoceuticals create a feeling of well-being.

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