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  • Turn Back Time

    Increase Energy,  Calm Stress, Harmonize Emotions

  • NES Health

    Body Field Scans

    Bioenergetics, The Transformation of Energy in Living Organisms

    Improve the Master Control of Biochemical Processes

  • Infoceuticals & MiHealth


    Infoceutical Drops

    MiHealth Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and Microcurrent Therapy

    Give Your Body Energy and Information on a Bioenergetic Level

50% off: NES Health Voice Scans

 NES Health Voice Scans Now Available

The beauty of an NES Health voice scan is that there is no need for you to purchase a scanner in order to do your scan.  
All you need is a cellphone or computer in which you can record your own voice!

Here is how it works

Other Valuable Resources You Will Find in Your NES Health Portal

Cost of your introductory NES Voice Scan and 20 Minute Consultation to look over your screens with you: $27
Be one of the first 10 people and receive 50% off (see link below)

Be one of the first 10 people to schedule your NES Health Voice Scan and receive 50% off at this link: Schedule Your NES Health Voice Scan

After you schedule your scan, you will receive an email with simple instructions on how to do a Voice Scan through your NES Health portal.