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Lower Stress From Coronavirus News

What to Remember

During our Current Stressful Coronavirus Situation

We are being bombarded right now with a lot of sad news.  It is very important to balance that out by including some heartfelt happy parts to our day.  Whether it is an uplifting book, a favorite song or even a movie with a happy ending, take some time to include some positive messages in your day.  Your mind and heart will benefit tremendously.  Don't forget to get outside and get some sun while you are stuck at home.  It brightened my day today!

Why is the Heart-Brain Connection so Important?

The electrical activity in the heart produces magnetic fields which can be measured by magnetocardiography (MCG). The heart’s electromagnetic field has been shown to extend several feet out around the body.

According to Rolin McCratey, PhD, Director of Research at the HeartMath Institute, “Emotional information is actually coded and modulated into these fields. By learning to shift our emotions, we are changing the information coded into the magnetic fields that are radiated by the heart, and that can impact those around us. We are fundamentally and deeply connected with each other and the planet itself.”

The Body-Mind Connection

The heart is also the center of love, compassion, and connection between our inside and outside worlds. It provides the bridge between body, mind, and spirit, and has been referred to as the seat of the soul.

Good, nurturing relationships help to strengthen the heart and support heart health. On the other hand, the energies of negative emotions, such as heartache, grief, and betrayal tend to adversely impact the heart and our health.

NES Health ED6 Heart Infoceutical

Heart Driver (ED6)

Heart driver helps with decision-making processes, mental clarity and integration, identity and self-esteem.  It helps regulate emotions.  Heart Driver may have a beneficial effect on skin tone and appearance.