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Calming Fight or Flight for Auto-Immune Disorders

Today I visited my sister-in-law who happens to have an indoor dog.  The dog was quite excited to have visitors and was moving around right next to my feet.  As I sat at her kitchen table enjoying my conversation with her, all of a sudden my eyes began to water and my nose started to itch and began to run.  I knew my allergies were kicking in so I held my Triple Warmer sedating points to calm that fight or flight response.  As I held these points on my leg and hand, under her table, my allergies calmed and I was able to carry on with our conversation.

This same technique can be used to calm your fight or flight response for any auto-immune disorder.

Here are pictures of the Triple Warmer sedating points in relation to the bones:

Hold Triple Warmer sedating point on leg

On the same side of the body hold
Triple Warmer sedating point in middle of arm
just above the elbow,
For 3 minutes


Then hold the bottom of the little toe
on the lateral side (outside) of the foot

Hold between the bottom of the ring and little finger.

Also, to calm Triple Warmer Meridians fight or flight response: 

 Tap K-27, Thymus and Spleen points while taking 3 deep breaths.

 I also tapped Triple Warmer 3 (fear point) on the back of the hand
1/2" from the bottom of the ring and little fingers.


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Holding the Neurovascular Points found on the face and scalp, increases the blood flow to specific organs in the body which has a positive affect on those organ's functions.  They were discovered by Dr. Terence Bennett in the 1930's.  Bennett was able to observe these findings by touching various points and seeing the reaction it caused under x-ray fluoroscope and he spent countless hours recording his points and findings.  Unfortunately for Bennett, his research took his life when he passed away from radiation poisoning.

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Strengthen Your Immune System by Strengthening Spleen

When sedating Triple Warmer, it is very important to strengthen spleen to avoid the risk of depression.   Strengthening spleen will also give a tremendous boost to your immune system. 
Begin by holding the inside of the foot  at the bottom of the big toe (right above the "bump") Be sure to use the hand on the same side of your body as your foot  (right hand holds right foot or left hand holds left foot). Hold Spleen 2
AND Using the opposite hand, hold the crease found between your small and ring fingers, Hold Heart 8  Hold for 3 minutes. Repeat on the opposite side of your body.
Finish by holding the control points found on the bottom corners of your big toe. Hold Liver 1 and spleen 1 for 1 1/2 minutes. Repeat on the opposite side of your body.
Another very good way to strengthen your spleen is to massage the neurolymphatic points found from 4" under each arm pit to the lateral sides of the chest.  Here is a picture of all of the neurolymphatic points.

Acupuncture Meridian Cycle Chart

If you tend to wake up during a certain time at night and you can't get back to sleep, you may have issues with a certain organ.  As you know, I have had issues with asthma and my lungs.  After testing, I found out that liver is involved also.  I usually wake up between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. and I am unable to go back to sleep; that is until it's time to get up and then I feel like going back to sleep.  I have been strengthening my liver and lungs and yesterday I decided to put it to the test and was very diligent about holding acupressure strengthening points for liver and lungs many times throughout the day.  I was very happy to wake up to the alarm clock this morning and find that I slept right through. 
Here is the timeline with associated organ/acupuncture meridian:

1am - 3 am ...............Liver

3am - 5 am ...............Lung
5am - 7 am................Large Intestine

7am - 9 am............... Stomach
9am - 11am.............. Spleen

11am - 1pm.............. Heart